Franco Residence by KZ Architecture

Franco Residence by KZ Architecture

Architects: KZ Architecture
Location: Golden Beach, Florida, USA
Year: 2010
Photos: Robin Hill

A statement of Modernism in the tropics, this living arrangement was as of late finished in a little shoreline neighborhood, one of the last single family enclaves along South Florida’s coast line.


The living arrangement was produced for a group of six on an infill island part fronting the Intracoastal Waterway.


With contiguous homes toward the North and the South, the house is composed around a Western yard, with every one of the rooms, including the lounge room, lounge area, kitchen, breakfast, family room and rooms sorted out around it. A progression of open air spaces was created with a specific end goal to weave a coherence of spaces and materials from the road to the water. Beginning at the secured passage way, the guest is locked in by the private open air front yard, which associate through the colossal room of the house to the back secured outside spaces that front the water sees.

The long and limited pool serves as the central component in the yard, much the same as the sculptural stair fills this need for the considerable room inside. In both outside and indoor spaces, the two slate dividers—the one surrounding the passageway and the one in the back that shrouds the BAR-B-Q –are in dialog with one another to underscore the coherence from front to back. The succession comes full circle with the wooden dock which brings out the passage patio of the same material. The same wood, Ipe, likewise outlines the geometry of the galleries on the second floor.

Vast anticipating shades consider ensured daylight to envelope each edge of the house. Clearstory glass enters the workplace range in the main room and the entrance territory to the kids’ rooms on the second floor. By and large, level and vertical planes of glass, stone, wood and white stucco are enacted by the infesting light to finish an indoor-open air combination of spaces and shape.


The front of the house communicates the bigger two story volume out of sight with the one story components in the closer view , flanking the slate stone divider.


Perspective of the back patio, (barring the metal shelter) with every one of the spaces in the house sorted out around it. The direct pool offers the central component, adjusted by another slate divider that contains the BAR-B-Q grill within.

Franco-Residence-07 Franco-Residence-08 Franco-Residence-09 Franco-Residence-10 Franco-Residence-11 Franco-Residence-12 Franco-Residence-13 Franco-Residence-14 Franco-Residence-15 Franco-Residence-16 Franco-Residence-17 Franco-Residence-18 Franco-Residence-19 Franco-Residence-20 Franco-Residence-21 Franco-Residence-22

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