Riggins Residence by Robert M. Gurney Architect

Riggins Residence by Robert M. Gurney Architect

Architects: Robert M. Gurney Architect
Location: Cabin John, Maryland, USA
Area: 4,900 sqft
Photos: Maxwell MacKenzie

Situated in Cabin John, Maryland, this 4,900 square foot house is sited toward the end of a manicured garden, and looks over the edge of a steeply inclining lush site adjoining the C&O Canal and the Potomac River.

Riggins-House-01A light-filled twofold stature flow pivot isolates the house’s primary volumes, while transverse tomahawks further arrange the spaces.


Glass and steel scaffolds cross the course space to unite the volumes on the second floor. Essential living spaces limited by extensive scopes of glass are situated towards the waterway, while optional spaces open to the grass.


Substantial shades shield coating from sunlight based addition in the late spring and give space to open air living, even in harsh climate. Joined with geothermal HVAC, day lighting, and operable windows and ways to give cross ventilation, the house remains vitality productive in spite of utilizing its substantial measure of glass.


Insides are negligibly point by point. Completions incorporate sharpened and etched Pompeii stone, fiery remains flooring, walnut millwork and white marble ledges. The inside is intended to permit sees toward the forested areas and stream to give the essential visual experience.

Riggins-House-05 Riggins-House-06 Riggins-House-07 Riggins-House-08 Riggins-House-09 Riggins-House-10 Riggins-House-11 Riggins-House-12 Riggins-House-13 Riggins-House-14 Riggins-House-15 Riggins-House-16 Riggins-House-17 Riggins-House-18 Riggins-House-19 Riggins-House-20 Riggins-House-21 Riggins-House-22 Riggins-House-23 Riggins-House-24 Riggins-House-25 Riggins-House-26 Riggins-House-27 Riggins-House-28 Riggins-House-29 Riggins-House-30 Riggins-House-31

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