Villa in Děčín by Studio Pha

Villa in Děčín by Studio Pha

Architects: Studio Pha
Location: Děčín, Czech Republic
Year: 2013
Photos: Tomáš Dittrich

The beginning errand was for the most part to locate the right area for a home (estate) on a huge territory, with its introduction giving perspectives of the field and city. The house is arranged on the edge of a characteristic separation in the scene so that every floor is steady with the area. The stone base backings each misrepresented mixture of rooms, which are incompletely cantilevered over the patio and partitioned into parts for youngsters and folks.


The porch is separated by an unwinding wing and living space; both parts are outstandingly glassed in, permitting them to be opened up amid summer and empowering smooth section from outside. The outside zone can be unreservedly come to from the patio. The property will likewise contain a “gazebo” and a foundation situation for greenhouse support that uses the grade of the landscape to fuse the inside space inside of the slant.


The property likewise comprises of a carport and four parking spots, alongside a second drive running from a passage in the walled wall to a different bit of property utilized as a base for patio nursery consideration and support. Walkways are confined to the staircase connecting the principle building to the gazebo.

Villa-in-Decin-03 Villa-in-Decin-04 Villa-in-Decin-05 Villa-in-Decin-06 Villa-in-Decin-07 Villa-in-Decin-08 Villa-in-Decin-09 Villa-in-Decin-10 Villa-in-Decin-11 Villa-in-Decin-12 Villa-in-Decin-13 Villa-in-Decin-14 Villa-in-Decin-15 Villa-in-Decin-16 Villa-in-Decin-17 Villa-in-Decin-18 Villa-in-Decin-19 Villa-in-Decin-20 Villa-in-Decin-21 Villa-in-Decin-22

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