Kea Boumanstraat by MEESVISSER

Kea Boumanstraat by MEESVISSER

Architects: MEESVISSER
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Year: 2013
Area: 2,583 sqft / 240 sqm
Photo courtesy: Lard Buurman


This straightforward, sunshine filled house is intended for a solitary family – two grown-ups and two children– to live respectively in an agreeable, liberal and receptive way. The house opens up on all levels: on the north favor sublime perspective over the waterway IJ in Amsterdam and on the south towards the greenery enclosure. Each level has a wide gallery to make a green support to conceivable later improvements on the south side.




The house is a self-started venture on one of a progression of plots that came accessible amid the lodging emergency trying to restart the Amsterdam lodging creation. With extremely constrained regulations in regards to outside, just most extreme volume and veneer limit were characterized, a greatest design opportunity was conceivable.



To augment the manageability requests and to shortening so as to bring down the expenses development time, the house was manufactured with enormous wood development components. These wood components are additionally quickly the last completing for the inside. Power, channels, and so forth,… were at that point incorporated in the wood components amid the generation.


In only 7 weeks the entire building was developed, including the overhang development on the south side, the gigantic window components, entryways, stairs and establishment and in addition the lavatory units.


A greatest of protection, brilliant glass, sunlight based boards on the housetop, shower heat exchanger and ventilation heat recuperation minimize vitality utilize and make the house maintainable or more all agreeable.


The galleries on the south side make a characteristic sunscreen to shield from overheating amid the mid year months. They keep the glow outside, however let the light in. Water is gathered to utilize it in the greenhouse.



The house was totally built with enormous wooden boards. All dividers, floors and roofs are pre-assembled off site. Just the overhang and the soundness development on the second level are built in steel.


The entire development was conveyed in 2 days. All the wood boards were stacked in different gatherings around the building site, were numbered and secured against downpour. Amid three weeks the principle development of the entire house was assembled. Amid the following four weeks window outlines, stairs, gallery, and so forth were included. It took 4 more weeks for every single inside completion as ground surface, kitchen, constructed in furniture, and so on to be finished.


With a constrained spending plan and restricted time, the entire task was inherent a time of only 3 months.

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