K Residence by Z-AXIS DESIGN

K Residence by Z-AXIS DESIGN

Architects: Z-AXIS DESIGN
Location: Taichung, Taiwan
Year: 2015
Area: 1,314 sqft / 122 sqm
Photo courtesy:

A 122 square meters (1,313 square feet) old house situated in Taichung city, it has great design and it’s all around lit yet because of the house is old, it additionally has hole and divider mold issues. Creator changed this old house into a straightforward, reviving and present day house by straightening out design and including a study room and storage room asked for by the proprietor.


At the point when going into the house you can see the lounge room, lounge area and study room grow consecutively as a forefront. The house inside adorned in dull iron cocoa shading and wooden surface to make a strong, stable air, iron and metal materials to improve the tidiness.


A lounge chair stage amplifies aside suitable for every day rest, underneath it can be utilized as a storage room for shoes and it’s handy for clients. The asymmetry, geometric empty configuration in the front room not just adjusts the TV position, it likewise includes a feeling of identity. Kitchen is put amidst the house, the open outline make this zone more roomy and agreeable.


Originator separated an autonomous study room painted in unadulterated white shading and incorporated a stockpiling capacity, some portion of the divider utilized straightforward glass to keep all around lit and can expand the intelligent sense between relatives in life. Moreover, as indicated by diverse life needs of clients, 3 rooms were finished exclusively with dim wooden sheets, dim solid divider and dim blue solid divider joined with wood board to include a feeling of style, and to make a comfortable, customized and private living space.


Fashioner made some stockpiling courses of action in this flawless, straightforward space, with the exception of the normal cupboards, when pulling the sliding entryway by the passage you can see a surprising storage room which suits more life potential outcomes.

K-Residence-by-Z-AXIS-DESIGN-05 K-Residence-by-Z-AXIS-DESIGN-06 K-Residence-by-Z-AXIS-DESIGN-07 K-Residence-by-Z-AXIS-DESIGN-08 K-Residence-by-Z-AXIS-DESIGN-09 K-Residence-by-Z-AXIS-DESIGN-10 K-Residence-by-Z-AXIS-DESIGN-11 K-Residence-by-Z-AXIS-DESIGN-12 K-Residence-by-Z-AXIS-DESIGN-13 K-Residence-by-Z-AXIS-DESIGN-14 K-Residence-by-Z-AXIS-DESIGN-15 K-Residence-by-Z-AXIS-DESIGN-16 K-Residence-by-Z-AXIS-DESIGN-17 K-Residence-by-Z-AXIS-DESIGN-18 K-Residence-by-Z-AXIS-DESIGN-19 K-Residence-by-Z-AXIS-DESIGN-20 K-Residence-by-Z-AXIS-DESIGN-21 K-Residence-by-Z-AXIS-DESIGN-22 K-Residence-by-Z-AXIS-DESIGN-23 K-Residence-by-Z-AXIS-DESIGN-24 K-Residence-by-Z-AXIS-DESIGN-25 K-Residence-by-Z-AXIS-DESIGN-26 K-Residence-by-Z-AXIS-DESIGN-27 K-Residence-by-Z-AXIS-DESIGN-28 K-Residence-by-Z-AXIS-DESIGN-29 K-Residence-by-Z-AXIS-DESIGN-30

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