Contemporary White Cubes Home in Bratislava by at26 architecture & design

Contemporary White Cubes Home in Bratislava by at26 architecture & design

Architects: at26 architecture & design
Location: Bratislava, Slovakia
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Peter Čintalan

The house is situated on a little atypical plot on the side of the crossing point of two roads – Kaštieľska, a fairly bustling road, and Kľukatá road, which is neighboring the nearby graveyard. From one side, the house rises up out of a territory of family houses and from the other side it is encompassed by condo structures. The financial specialist’s goals were clear: to make a rich and ageless plan and clear material blend of concrete and white with lounge rooms and rooms situated to south.



The idea of the house in light of the essential reason to make the most conceivable association in the middle of inside and outside. In the first place floor is totally opened to the greenery enclosure, additionally offers closeness for occupants, upper floor and the road exterior are totally shut off the road and outwardly makes an extremely independent impression.


The outline should make an impression of a model cut from a solitary bit of smooth white matter … Facades STO and the nonappearance of any pipes items just backing that. The 3-story house is warmed by warmth pump and oversaw by a smart home control framework.


Design portrayal:

In the storm cellar (first underground floor) there is an utility room with clothing, 1 storeroom, wine basement and staircase. On groundfloor (first floor), a carport with capacity, the passage corridor and the living territory are found. The living range comprises of associated kitchen with lounge area with a display and a parlor. On Upstairs level (second floor), is a staircase lobby with display, 1 room (kid), 2 rooms with closet, washroom with latrine, fundamental – room with closet and restroom and can and bidet. Two rooms have a porch access.

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