Modern Pagoda House in the outskirts of Sofia by I/O architects

Modern Pagoda House in the outskirts of Sofia by I/O architects

Architects: I/O architects
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Year: 2014
Photo courtesy: Assen Emilov

Situated on an incline in the edges of Sofia, just between the city and the mountain the house appreciates all encompassing perspectives in two headings. Downwards over the road to the cityscape and upwards through the greenhouse to the mountain crests. This compares to the outside spaces under the anticipating rooftop. The little broadening of the road characterizes a passageway space while the veranda interfaces the house with the patio nursery.


The primary floor is covered up into the slant. Along these lines the fundamental floor is over the ground towards the road and on the ground towards the greenery enclosure securing the protection of the gang.


The fence is taking after the incline of the road. Behind it a progression of auxiliary more personal patios finish the interior spaces of the house. The center of the house is the porch of the stair where a great auto is displayed.

modern-pagoda-house-in-the-outskirts-of-sofia-by-io-architects-03 modern-pagoda-house-in-the-outskirts-of-sofia-by-io-architects-04 modern-pagoda-house-in-the-outskirts-of-sofia-by-io-architects-05 modern-pagoda-house-in-the-outskirts-of-sofia-by-io-architects-06 modern-pagoda-house-in-the-outskirts-of-sofia-by-io-architects-07 modern-pagoda-house-in-the-outskirts-of-sofia-by-io-architects-08 modern-pagoda-house-in-the-outskirts-of-sofia-by-io-architects-09 modern-pagoda-house-in-the-outskirts-of-sofia-by-io-architects-10 modern-pagoda-house-in-the-outskirts-of-sofia-by-io-architects-11 modern-pagoda-house-in-the-outskirts-of-sofia-by-io-architects-12 modern-pagoda-house-in-the-outskirts-of-sofia-by-io-architects-13 modern-pagoda-house-in-the-outskirts-of-sofia-by-io-architects-14 modern-pagoda-house-in-the-outskirts-of-sofia-by-io-architects-15 modern-pagoda-house-in-the-outskirts-of-sofia-by-io-architects-16 modern-pagoda-house-in-the-outskirts-of-sofia-by-io-architects-17 modern-pagoda-house-in-the-outskirts-of-sofia-by-io-architects-18 modern-pagoda-house-in-the-outskirts-of-sofia-by-io-architects-19 modern-pagoda-house-in-the-outskirts-of-sofia-by-io-architects-20 modern-pagoda-house-in-the-outskirts-of-sofia-by-io-architects-21

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