Top Renovations to Improve Your Home in 2022

Top Renovations to Improve Your Home in 2022 

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, home buyer needs have drastically shifted. This may seem unimportant if you’re not planning to sell your home anytime soon. However, real estate agents always recommend that homeowners take on renovation projects continuously in order to sell for the best possible price when that time finally does come.  Keep reading to find out what top real estate agents say are the top renovations to improve your home and to tackle in order to please your future buyers and sell for top dollar!

1. Outdoor space becomes a number one priority

After a year of stay-at-home orders and strict lockdowns, it’s no wonder top-notch outdoor spaces have become key in this year’s housing market.

Who doesn’t love relaxing outside and enjoying a cocktail in your private outdoor space? Whether or not you’re thinking of selling, renovating your outdoor space is key, and you’ll enjoy the perks of your renovation this summer as barbecue season ramps up. 

Remember, privacy is important in these spaces, as no one wants to make eye contact with their next-door neighbor while enjoying a peaceful morning coffee on the patio. If your backyard doesn’t have much seclusion, try planting shrubs or staking a fence to create a more intimate area. 

2. Outdoor fireplaces are a top interest for buyers

Real estate agents are always on the lookout for amenities that have spiked in value. Since March of 2020, the value of an outdoor fireplace has increased by about 72%, according to HomeLight’s Top Agent Insights for End of the Yeaxr 2021

Before the pandemic, an outdoor fireplace added about $3,337 in value to a property. Today, realtors estimate the outdoor fireplace is worth about $5,753. This increase in value is even more significant depending on the area. The Pacific region, for example, saw the outdoor fireplace increase in value by about 123% since March of 2020 — from $4,254 to $9,497.

Outdoor fireplaces — not to be confused with the more casual outdoor fire pit — are the epitome of outdoor luxury, so it’s no surprise they’ve become a top interest for buyers in the current housing market. If you have the budget for a hefty renovation, adding an outdoor fireplace to your property will significantly increase your home’s value. 

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3. Consider adding a home office

Thanks to the drastic shift across the country to permanent remote work structures, homeowners now seek separate areas within their homes for both work and relaxation. 

Approximately 59.6% of realtors cited the home office as the top priority for their clients at the end of 2021. If you have an extra bedroom — or even a small alcove or an empty corner of your home — you can easily transform it into a great home office. 

Once done, you’ll be surprised by how many buyers are interested in your property, so talk to your real estate agent to decide the best time to sell your home!

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