Useful Tips for Styling Your Bedroom

Useful Tips for Styling Your Bedroom

Want a change of pace but don’t have any design inspiration? Here are several useful tips for styling your bedroom.

Styling any room of the house comes with its own unique set of challenges, for the kitchen, which might be the cupboard doors and handles. For the bathroom, the challenge is always working with water and electricity. In the bedroom, the problem is making a bland square box into somewhere that you long to retreat – your sanctuary at the end of a weary day.

So, how do you do it? In this article, you will learn a few tricks of the interior decoration trade. If you long for a bedroom, you can relax night after night. These top tips will help you create something that’s all your own.

How to Style a Bedroom 101

Use the following advice to enhance your bedroom experience and make it somewhere you look forward to retiring to.

1. Start with Lighting

Every bedroom should have a dimmer switch on the lights, and that should be the end of the discussion. Depending on how minimalist your room is, the lights can be used to add atmosphere. Think about making your lights a feature, too. See the cloud lamps or even go retro with the ever-popular lava lamp. Start with lighting, and then consider your floors.

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2. Have you thought about rugs?

The underfoot conditions in your bedroom are just as important as the wall, ceiling, and other soft furnishings. Adding a layer of thickness to the carpeting allows a sumptuous layer of opulence to sink your tootsies into, the last thing at night and first thing in the morning. Specialist furniture suppliers recommend an area rug for the bedroom since you can use it to make a bold statement, as a focal point, and to add depth to the room.

Rugs are especially valuable to those with wooden flooring. Even stone floors can be cold. However, layering rugs on the carpet is the ultimate expression of luxury. 

3. What’s on the Walls?

Anywhere you add a soft furnishing in the bedroom is going to add this sense of comfort and luxury. Consider materials on the walls or think about a nice thick textured paper. Feature walls add elegance and artistry to a room and allow you to save on rolls of wallpaper. 

The old days of tapestries may be behind us, but it’s important to remember why the old-timers hung them. They were there primarily for warmth, to block out the cold draughts that came through the castle walls. Wallpaper does a similar thing, and so does a nice headboard on your bed. 

4. Make the Bed a Feature

Have you ever thought about making your bed the focus of the room? Going all out and really embellishing it? You can pin fabrics or set curtain rails around the ceiling to give the impression of a four-poster bed. You can add a headboard and matching footboard with a gorgeous silk finish or add layers and layers of throws for a sumptuous feel. Patterns and pillows are an effective way to highlight a bed. Just be sure not to go overboard. 

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5. Matching Furniture?

While matching furniture is chic and classic, there is something to be said for the fun splash of difference that an eclectic taste provides. Whatever your taste and style level suggests, we recommend being playful with textures, prints, and colors. Matching furniture might be the ideal way to highlight a contrasting curtain and bedsheet. On the other hand, striking pieces of bedroom furniture are focal points of their own. 

Our advice? Fill your bedroom with pieces you love and worry about them matching later. You can match a curtain to a chair with as little as a pillow, so don’t panic if things aren’t quite right.

How Do You Use the Space?

Finally, before you agree to splurge on anything, ask yourself if it fits in with how you use the space. If not, you don’t need it. For example, a pine chest of drawers would be excellent for keeping clothing in and might match the rest of your furniture. However, if the wardrobe is empty, you don’t need both. Minimal is always better. Remember, if it doesn’t bring you happiness, there’s no point in making the purchase.

How you use the space should be integral to every piece. Think about thoroughfares through the room and the things you use it for. Floor-length mirrors, innovative storage solutions, and beautiful soft furnishings are what we expect to find in a bedroom. The rest is up to you.

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