5 Tips for Giving Your Modern Home a Cozier Vibe

5 Tips for Giving Your Modern Home a Cozier Vibe

So, you’ve recently decided on a modern design theme for your home, but you kind of feel like the contemporary vibe isn’t as cozy as it should be? That’s a common concern encountered by homeowners and designers who opt for a modern theme because many of the trends and styles in this category aren’t comfort-oriented and are more centered around convenience, technology, and aesthetic appeal. If you want your modern home to look great and feel cozy, try implementing the following 5 tips:

1. Decorate with Plants and Natural Shapes

Adding plants to a space can give it a more charming and relaxing look. In fact, studies have even shown that indoor plants can help fend off depression and inspire creativity. If you’re not confident in your ability to take care of the plants on an ongoing basis, you may want to opt for faux vegetation or plant-shaped furniture accessories. For example, wooden flowers are really eye-catching and can be easily incorporated into a tabletop design scheme.

2. Add More Comfortable Furniture

Open and airy spaces are commonly utilized in modern interior design because they can certainly make a room feel more expansive and functional. However, if bringing more coziness into the equation is your goal, then you’ll need to start adding comfortable furniture to fill up the floor space. In essence, coziness is achieved by creating a space where you never have to walk far to find a comfortable spot.

3. Pillows and Bean Bags

Scattering pillows and bean bags around your living room is a great way to ensure that you always have a comfortable spot to kick back and relax. These components are generally more affordable than adding entirely new furniture, yet they can make your existing couches, recliners, and chairs much more comfortable. While some luxury bean bag chairs can be expensive, taking this approach will generally be more affordable and practical than replacing your current furniture collection altogether, and can serve as a quick and easily reversible conversion from modern to cozy.

4. Dimmable Lighting

Lighting definitely plays a role in making a space look cozier, as excessively bring light can create a tense environment. Installing a dimmable lighting system will give you full control over the mood that your home’s lighting will inevitably set. As a rule of thumb, medium to low intensity is generally best when you’re going for a cozy and relaxing atmosphere, whereas high intensity settings are better for boosting alertness and productivity.

5. Cushioned Couch Covers

Many modern homes opt for futuristic couches that are more focused on aesthetics than sheer comfort. You can remedy this problem by adding a padded/cushioned couch cover. Since your couches will often be the main relaxation spot in your living room or den, it’s best to cap off your coziness-enhancing efforts by making sure you have an absurdly cozy spot to congregate with the family and enjoy evening entertainment. Cushioned couch covers are often overlooked yet very advantageous accessories that any modern homeowner should have on standby, as they not only provide additional comfort, but they also protect your couch from stains and scratches.

Comfort and Convenience Equal Coziness

Ultimately, if you can achieve both comfort and convenience within the same space, you will have effectively created the cozy effect. While there are no guarantees about the amount of value you’ll be adding to your home in monetary terms, cozier homes are generally favored by prospective buyers, particularly in homes that have limited or average square footage. Larger homes can afford to have a few spacious rooms, whereas buyers of typical single-family residences typically prefer cozy properties.

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