Victorian Terrace in Maida Vale by Daniele Petteno Architecture Workshop

Victorian Terrace in Maida Vale by Daniele Petteno Architecture Workshop

Architects: Daniele Petteno Architecture Workshop
Location: London, England
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Lara D’Appollonio

In the focal point of London, at the upper floors of a Monumental Victorian Terraced assembling, a Grade II recorded un-modernized maisonette condo, has been completely re-planned and retrofitted to accomplish the most astounding expectations for everyday comforts and give every one of the solaces of a contemporary living.


The property is in London ‘Maida Vale’, a for the most part private Conservation Area inside of the Westminster City Council, and comprises of a three-story top floors loft, which confronts an open street at the front and a lovely private common greenhouse, encased by comparable private structures, at the back.


This zone of Maida Vale has a compelling style, and structures, despite the fact that their fantastic nature, has all the earmarks of being in any case at the human scale. I was awed following the first occasion when I strolled around these boulevards, and a couple of dualities gave me vital motivations for the undertaking: the tender difference between the more thorough polish of the building fronts on the fundamental streets and the genuine purity of their backs, which creates the protection given by the likeness against the more noteworthy openness toward the mutual green zones; the exploration of the light through enormous openings, the perspective of a more “urban” London through the rooftops on one side and a more common and comfortable situation on the other side.


The venture design depends on a move that moves from the recuperation of the cell floor arrangement run of the mill in these sort of abodes, at the third floor (passageway level) toward a more open and contemporary format at the upper floor and the mezzanine. A move, that, both for will and for need, required a full inside restoration with complete inside redesigning of the spaces, basic fortifying and establishments, full innovative update and rearrangement.


We built up the configuration through a contemporary methodology with the spotless lines of the basic geometrical components: spaces, volumes, the rooftop, the staircase, the mezzanine connect, the bespoke furnitures,.. in the meantime, particularly at the third floord, coordinating and upgrading a couple of other chronicled components: windows, roof cornices, entryways and architraves…


Materials and hues have been given light and tastefulness to the spaces. The “white” that reverbs the normal light gave off an impression of being the proper decision then for dividers, bespoke furniture and corian tops, furniture volumes are along these lines unmistakably sensitive, going out adjusted. The European common oak treated with only a tender wax gave off an impression of being the best decision to give a characteristic coherence through the diverse levels and the stairs, mixing unique elements and contemporary outline. For the ensuite restroom the porcelain cladding like the travertine stone came about an adjusted decision to improve the non-abrasiveness of the regular light, while for the for the mutual one, a more solid/dark stone composition has been upgraded the moderate solid recognition into this room.


Lighting, particularly originating from regular sunlight, has been in reality a pertinent component of our configuration. The fourth floor has been intended to appreciate the regular sunshine through the distinctive hours of the day. The six opening as soon as possible pitch rooftop channel the immediate sun beams amid the entire day, and the splendid shades of the room and the coated components upgrade the light reverb impact. Simulated lighting has been very much considered also, planning into a Lutron framework a wide assortment of light setups and gadgets control, for as better solace and a more proficient vitality sparing.

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