Casadelmar Hotel by Jean-François Bodin

Casadelmar Hotel by Jean-François Bodin

Location: Porto-Vecchio, France
Year: 2013
Photos: Jean-François Bodin

Managing Director: Gian Luca Bertilaccio


An incredible location for an incredible hotel.  The wonders of Corsica and Porto Vecchio lie one and a half hours from Paris and around two hours from London. Here, the turquoise laps heavenly beaches in stunning bays against a backdrop of dazzlingly hued jagged mountains.


Corsica’s wild beauty never fails to enchant.

Blending harmoniously into this incomparable nature is Casadelmar. Located at the water’s edge on the Palombaggia road a few kilometres from Porto Vecchio, the hotel stands in two hectares of lush, terraced, landscaped gardens planted with shade-giving yews and umbrella pines.


Through floor-to-ceiling picture windows, the light-flooded hotel lobby offers breathtaking, vividly coloured views out over the surrounding scenery: the intense blue Mediterranean, the azure sky, the sparkling white houses of Porto Vecchio, the dark green foliage of the native flora, the golden private beach, the electric blue infinity pool and, when day ends, spectacular sunsets over the bay.  5-star hotel with 34 fine luxury rooms and suites.  3 suites in a villa with a private swimming pool.


Exceptional concept. In total harmony with nature. Property professional and vice-chairman of Porto Vecchio Chamber of Commerce Jean-Noël Marcellesi purchased an old hotel establishment in 2001 and opened it three years later as Casadelmar. To complement its unique location on a designated conservation coastline overlooking the magnificent Bay of Porto Vecchio, Marcellesi passionate about his island and respectful of its authentic values, decided to endow the with the best Corsica has to offer.


Using wood, stone and light as the key elements in both the hotel and exclusive private villa, the architect has combined understated sign and luxury details throughout.


The mythical, sun-basking salamander chosen as the Casadelmar’s em­blem can be glimpsed throughout the hotel: in corridors, on rugs and on pictures.


Armed with the experience of creating and renovating over a thousand green spaces, Jean Mus took up the challenge launched by his friends the Marcellesi to create an extraordinary garden showcasing the quintessence of Mediterranean flora.


This generous, intuitive lover of the land reclaimed a wild hillside overlooking the and turned it into a dream landscaped garden for Casadelmar. In perfect harmony with the surrounding scenery, it showcases the Mediterranean’s sweetest-smelling and most spectacular plant varieties, including Tuscan cypresses, Japanese pines, olive and orange trees, Corsican myrtle and oleanders.

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