2 Oaks House by OBIA

2 Oaks House by OBIA

Architects: Nikolay Ostrev, Vladislav Ignatov of OBIA
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Area: 475 sqm
Year: 2012
Photos: Georgi IvanovAlumina Elit

The house is situated in a low-ascent neighborhood close Sofia, in the edges of Mountain Vitosha. The venture was preparatory characterized as a contemporary house with sane spaces, high vitality proficiency and indoor atmosphere solace, completely controlled by a building mechanization framework.

Primary test of the outline was the safeguarding of the two existing old oaks and their coordination in the spaces of the house. The trees make a characteristic miniaturized scale atmosphere and capacity as a living component in the creation. The intonation in the outline idea was characterizing the space around them. On one hand the house must be completely open towards the tree crowns and the yard and on the other was the yearning to stress on a sure shell or an envelope – express but then light and vaporous… , like a paper. In this way showed up the main idea – taking the „paper topic” with the inalienable property of collapsing.

2-oaks-house-obia_obia_2oaks_image_02_georgi_ivanovThe components that decide the state of the building are the two trees, and one of them is its spatial and practical core interest. The living zone at the ground level is a solitary space U-shape, comprising of kitchen, lounge area and parlor, completely coated and open towards the yard.

53080230c07a80a2760001812-oaks-house-obia_obia_2oaks_image_04_georgi_ivanovEvery 50% of the coated tiles is a sliding component, so that when all components are open in summer, the living range transforms into secured patio towards the yard. At this level are set likewise the primary passage and a carport for two autos. At the upper level are arranged two rooms, main room and a little office. This second level is completely coated and open towards the trees so that being on it feels like a stroll through the crowns on a secured wooden deck.

2-oaks-house-obia_obia_2oaks_image_03_georgi_ivanovSafeguarding the two existing trees assumes a noteworthy part for the warm adjust of the building with such a great amount of coating of the volume. The oaks serve as a characteristic assurance against overheating in summer, adding to the geothermal cooling warmth pump framework which accuses the ground of extreme warmth, pumped back amid the winter child. At the point when the leafs are tumbled off in winter the low winter sun infiltrates somewhere down in the living spaces, charging the warm mass in the floor sections.


The house is exceptionally vitality effective, it has low-temperature floor warming/cooling with a geothermal warmth pump (profound boreholes), triple gas-filled coating (Uw=1W/m2K), 20-16cm thick glass-fleece warm protection on the hazy development. There is likewise controlled ventilation framework with abnormal state of warmth recuperation.


The house has a full control building computerization framework permitting the client to oversee from separation all parameters of the building frameworks and in addition drawing insights of the way the house and its vitality is utilized over time.

2-oaks-house-obia_obia_2oaks_image_08_alumina_elit2-oaks-house-obia_obia_2oaks_image_07_alumina_elit 2-oaks-house-obia_obia_2oaks_image_10_alumina_elit 2-oaks-house-obia_obia_2oaks_image_11_alumina_elit 2-oaks-house-obia_obia_2oaks_image_09_alumina_elit 2-oaks-house-obia_obia_2oaks_image_12_alumina_elit2-oaks-house-obia_obia_2oaks_drawing_01 2-oaks-house-obia_obia_2oaks_drawing_02 2-oaks-house-obia_obia_2oaks_drawing_section_summer 2-oaks-house-obia_obia_2oaks_drawing_section_winter

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