Tegoyo I Home by Néstor Pérez Batista

Tegoyo I Home by Néstor Pérez Batista

Architects: Néstor Pérez Batista
Location: Lanzarote, Spain
Year: 2014
Photo courtesy: Rubén Acosta

Mayca and Gonzalo proprietors of the homestead demonstrated their longing to set up another visual connection between the current structures and their surroundings from the premise of appreciation for the way of life of the region. With this test, began this restoration by the Lanzarote draftsman with studio in Berlin, Nestor Perez Batista.


Situated in the Geria, the wine zone known for the uniqueness of its volcanic scene, and west of Park Volcanoes National Park Timanfaya, this ranch consolidates private system to horticultural movement. The encompassing scene is the focal contention of this venture. In this manner one of the primary difficulties was to make the building set up a nearby and imperative association with it, so one was the augmentation of the other and the other way around. The previous stables and distribution centers up close to the fundamental building exterior giving north of the ranch and set in an east-west.


The necessities of clients including two suites, separated into two fundamental ranges: dozing territory – shower and sitting zone – kitchen, in superfice around 40 m2 each. The principal stay, west, home to the living – lounge area of 22 square meters. The second, focal – west, is home to the room – restroom of around 25 square meters. Both with a tallness of 3.50 meters. Sigiendo immediata rationale, the project is dispersed in existing rooms spread along the east-west longitudinal pivot of the building, whose extents and statures to suit your particular application.


Every space is contrived exclusively, yet deliberately associated with its neighbors and the farmland spaces, making an entirety. This technique looks to suitable outside spaces and hence it turns into a stay over the private unit. The third room, focal – east, houses the room – washroom 20 square meters. The fourth, east, houses the front room of around 25 square meters, with a stature of 3.80 meters.


The structure of empty endeavor to make a sure vagueness about what is inside and outside keeping in mind the rooms are separated over the scene that is constructed with their perspectives. The itemized angles, for example, lighting, spatial geometry, warm solace and protection of the rooms permits the unit to be experienced in general, giving an assortment of conditions and spatial qualities separated consideration.


The holes underline the sentiment openness and straightforwardness, keeping away from thus break the spatial progression and set up great relations with the scene. Spaces pick established in the scene, complete, to expand the associations between within and the outside, obscuring a limit that permits a solid association with the spot. Stone, wood, earth, bond, lime and glass: the common materials of the current building and the conventional structural engineering of the island.

Tegoyo-I-Home-by-Néstor-Pérez-Batista-06 Tegoyo-I-Home-by-Néstor-Pérez-Batista-08 Tegoyo-I-Home-by-Néstor-Pérez-Batista-09 Tegoyo-I-Home-by-Néstor-Pérez-Batista-10 Tegoyo-I-Home-by-Néstor-Pérez-Batista-11 Tegoyo-I-Home-by-Néstor-Pérez-Batista-12 Tegoyo-I-Home-by-Néstor-Pérez-Batista-13 Tegoyo-I-Home-by-Néstor-Pérez-Batista-14 Tegoyo-I-Home-by-Néstor-Pérez-Batista-15 Tegoyo-I-Home-by-Néstor-Pérez-Batista-16

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