4 Tips To Selling Your House “As-Is” In California

4 Tips To Selling Your House “As-Is” In California


It is quite common to see people selling their houses because they need some fast money.

But when it is time for selling, the owners need to decide on one of two things: should they sell the house as is, or should they fix it up before selling. Both these decisions have their pros and cons, so it all comes down to whichever one you chose.

Selling your house “AS IS” in California may be a good option, and you might even find it more beneficial to your bottom line.


What Is Selling A House As Is?

Selling a house “as-is” means that there will be no repair work, and there will be no enhancement of any sort. The owner will sell the house as it is in its current condition. The seller will disclose all the house’s problems that require attention and all the things that might need a repair or a replacement in the future.

If there is an issue with the electrical, plumbing, roof, windows, or flooring, the seller will be upfront about the problems and disclose them in the sales listing. Then, the new owner will be able to fix the issues and factor the repair costs into the purchase price they are willing to offer.


Why Sell A House “As-Is”?

There are quite a few reasons why a person sells their house without putting in the repair costs and effort.

The biggest reason for selling a house “as is” is because the seller requires liquidity fast. That means they don’t have a lot of liquidity at hand to pay for the repair costs and will be willing to factor that in the purchase price.

Another reason is the hassle of renovations and repair. It is quite stressful to do the entire repair work. Many sellers don’t find it worth their time and effort to hire contractors to repair and renovate.  It is easier to just sell the house. Due to other life obligations, they cannot give much time to take on repair projects. So, they opt for the ‘as-is’ sale.


Why Sell Houses As It Is In California?

If you own a house in California, then selling the home as it is should be your best choice than selling it after repairs.

For starters, cities like Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco have excellent realtors capable of selling houses in ‘as-is’ conditions. And if you are asking yourself how to sell my house fast Los Angeles, look up realtors like John Medina.

Most house buying and selling in California are conducted by Escrow. The escrow holds the money from the buyer and the deeds and legal documents from the sellers.

When all the requirements are met and the buyer and seller are satisfied, the escrow gives the money to the seller and the legal documents to the buyer.


Things To Consider Before Selling Your House As Is

Before you sell your house as it is, you need to consider a few things-

1. The Current Value Of your House

The first thing you need to figure out is how much value you will get out of your house. This might seem complicated, but you can get the aid of some real estate agents.

They will be able to tell you the present value of your house in the current market. This might be the hardest thing to figure out, as each home has its value.

2. The Right Time To Sell The House

Just as the saying goes, there is a time for everything. If you want to get the most value out of your house, you need to understand California’s house buying and selling patterns. In general, the best time to be selling houses is May-June.

It is estimated that the price of a house can go up to $604,000. Although the houses sold at this price are in top condition, you can get even half of its price if your house is decent enough.

3. The Value Of Your House After The Repair

Now that you have figured out the house’s value with its current condition without repair, the next thing you will need to focus on is how much the house’s value will be after you are done repairing it.

Every repair job will have a separate cost associated with it. Hire a professional to estimate how much repair works for the damaged walls, doors, and other things your house will need. After that, call a few real estate agents and get a good idea about how much a renovated house’s market price will be compared to the ‘as-is’ selling price.

4. Compare The Benefits And The Cost

Now that you know what price you can fetch for the house both before and after the repair job, you can compare and conduct the cost-benefit analysis. You will also know the cost (and time) required to repair the whole house. You will know the added value you will get from selling it after renovations. That will give you everything you need to decide if it is worth repairing the house.

Generally, repairing the whole house costs a lot. After comparing, you will see that there is not much money left. Next, check the amount of money that you might spend on the repair jobs.


The Final Decision

Now that you have all the information necessary, you will be able to determine whether you should sell the house with a repair or as it is. If you find the monetary profit is far too great to ignore, you should go for repair work.

But that might not always be the case. If you see that the profit is average, then it is better to sell the house as-is since you have a tight schedule and lack funds to pay for repair jobs.

Hopefully, this article has shown you what selling a house means and things you need to know to sell your house to get California’s best values.

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