Modern Vidalakis Residence in Portola Valley, California by Swatt | Miers Architects

Modern Vidalakis Residence in Portola Valley, California by Swatt | Miers Architects

Architects: Swatt | Miers Architects
Location: Portola Valley, California, USA
Year: 2014
Area: 8.000 ft²/ 743 m²
Photo courtesy: Russell Abraham

Nicole Vidalakis found the ideal site for her fantasy house in Portola Valley; an excellent 3.8 section of land tenderly slanting bundle, with full grown oak, cedar and pine trees. Necessities for the configuration included open making arrangements for inside spaces, zoning of the capacities to give clear division in the middle of open and private spaces, expanding perspectives of San Francisco, and a solid, cooperative relationship in the middle of building and scene.


The subsequent outline depends on a L-formed arrangement, with the long leg comprising of the principle open spaces on the ground floor and the expert suite, lair and office on the upper floors, running east to west. A straight solid divider characterizes course on the south side of the leg, stretching out into the scene to frame the edges of the section and the family patio. The short leg, on the south side of the long solid divider, incorporates a one story home office and a distinguished carport and guesthouse. The arrangement association makes two noteworthy open air territories, a private, secured finished patio on the south side and a more open review porch for enthralling on the north. Opposite to the house and geography, a 75 foot-long swimming pool, straight wood deck, and a rectangular yard zone characterize the western edge of the quick scene with an exact geometry.


The engineering dialect is basic, practically natural. Worked of normal materials, essentially cast set up cement and wood, this new cutting edge home is self-assured in its formal expression as it at the same time contacts, and grasps, the characteristic scene.

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