6 Tips To Make Your Home Décor Flowers Last Longer

6 Tips To Make Your Home Décor Flowers Last Longer

Fresh flowers are delightful and beautiful added decorative pieces in a home. They smell nice and give new life to a space with their vibrant colors. They also make good gifts for special occasions and celebrations. The only downside to them is their short lifespan. You can leave a fresh bunch at night only to wake up greeted by a withering bunch the next morning. However, there are a few ways that are believed to help stretch their longevity. Read through these tips to know how you can make your home decor flowers last longer.

  1. Only Choose Garden-Fresh Flowers

If you want your flowers to last longer, start with the freshest bunch you can get. Look for buds that are half-open with fresh green leaves and stems. Avoid buying anything that looks like it has been in the shop for a few days already.

If you’re lucky enough to be picking them from your garden, ensure you put them in a container filled with water as soon as you harvest them. However, sometimes you can only go for online flowers due to time constraints or prior commitments. Thus, ensure you insist on getting garden-fresh flowers when you decide to place an order on a site.

As soon as you have the flowers from the garden, local or online store, keep them in a cool place, preferably indoors.  They’ll be staying fresh as you wait to create your flower arrangement.

  1. Snip The Stems

When arranging your flowers, ensure to trim the stems’ ends around an inch to allow the flowers to absorb the water better. The cut should also be at a 45-degree angle which you can do with a pair of reliable gardening snips. Remove the buds and leaves that’ll sit below the waterline. Decay and rotting would be inevitable once these parts touch the water. If left unchecked, the water can turn murky, making the stems slimy in return. This sets off a chain of events that’ll ultimately lead to the extremely reduced lifespan of the flowers.

Anytime the flowers show even the minute signs of withering, snipping off some of its stems can help. It’s an indication that the flowers aren’t able to pull in enough water and moisture. Also, continually check for dying or loose leaves. Remove them to keep them from falling into the water and rot.

  1. Use The Right Vase

To most people, they might think that a vase doesn’t make a difference and the only factor to consider is the length of the flowers’ stems. Nevertheless, the vase does matter and plays a crucial part in ensuring the extended longevity of your cut blossoms. Choosing the right vase helps in decorating your home.

Flowers with long stems don’t necessarily require a tall vase all the time. Proceed to cut the bigger and heavier flowers’ stems shorter. This is believed to allow them to support each other when they bloom and spread out.

If your arrangement consists of lighter flowers, you can use a taller vase. Just ensure that they’re not packed and overcrowded in the vase. Have two separate arrangements is also deemed acceptable.

  1. Keep The Vase Dirt-Free

Even your fresh flowers love and require good housekeeping. A clean vase, clean cutting tools, and regular water change will ensure that the flowers are getting just that.

Microorganisms and bacteria are known to form and attach themselves to the bottom of your vase. This causes the cut flowers to wither much quicker. To combat this issue, clean the vase thoroughly with lukewarm water, dishwashing liquid, and some vinegar. Ensure to rinse it well before putting in new water and transferring your beautiful bunch of flora.

Remember to wash the vase with each water change even when it still looks clean.

6 Tips To Make Your Home Décor Flowers Last Longer

  1. Place Them Away From Heat And Direct Sunlight

Try and keep the flowers away from direct sunlight or on devices that generate heat if you want them to stay longer. Most electric appliances in your home produce some heat and can shorten the life of flowers significantly. Look for a cool place and away from fruits too. Fruits produce gases that may cause them to wither faster.

  1. Give Them Some Flower Food

You may have noticed the small packets that come with your flowers from the florist. The content is supposed to help keep the flowers fresh for longer periods. It’s said that they contain antibacterial powder, sugar for nourishment, and citric acid to lower the water’s pH levels. The citric acid also helps to make the water travel up the stems faster.

Whether you happen to pick out the flowers from your garden yourself or the florist forgot to include the packet when you made your purchase, you can always resort to make yours right at home. Make sure that the ingredients you added to the water are dissolved and mixed properly before placing the mixture with the flowers in a vase.

Taking Care Of Home Décor Flowers Takeaways

Flower arrangements, whether as a gift or merely for home decoration, add to a home’s beauty. Because of their special connotation, there’s usually a strong desire to keep them fresh longer. They can’t last for a month, but they can last up to a week or two if they’re well taken care of. The simple tips mentioned can help you take care of your blossoms better and prolong their life.

You can also store the flowers in the refrigerator overnight if you can remember to do it each night. It helps to keep the buds fresh for longer. Note to remove fruits from the refrigerator.

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