Apartment in Nowe Powiśle by Republika Architektury

Apartment in Nowe Powiśle by Republika Architektury

Location: Warsaw, Poland
Area: 1,938 sqft
Photo courtesy: Republika Architektury

REPUBLIKA ARCHITEKTURY designed 180 m2 (1938 ft2) apartment for rent located on the top floor in the high end building not far from the city center of Warsaw, Poland. From the apartment one can enjoy  the best views in town. It is overlooking the Vistula River and the National Stadium on one side and the Old Town and The University of Warsaw Library on the other.


The main aim was to create a luxury, spacious and ageless space with a feeling of warmth and tranquility. To achieve this we decided to combine clear lines and simplicity of form with timeless materials: oak floors, carrara marble, silk wallpapers , natural veneers and leathers. The earth tone colour palette was enriched through navy blue and orange accents. The apartment is filled with the world’s finest in contemporary furniture and lighting.

Apartment-in-Nowe-Powisle-02 Apartment-in-Nowe-Powisle-03 Apartment-in-Nowe-Powisle-04 Apartment-in-Nowe-Powisle-05 Apartment-in-Nowe-Powisle-06 Apartment-in-Nowe-Powisle-07 Apartment-in-Nowe-Powisle-08 Apartment-in-Nowe-Powisle-09 Apartment-in-Nowe-Powisle-10 Apartment-in-Nowe-Powisle-11 Apartment-in-Nowe-Powisle-12 Apartment-in-Nowe-Powisle-13 Apartment-in-Nowe-Powisle-14 Apartment-in-Nowe-Powisle-15 Apartment-in-Nowe-Powisle-16 Apartment-in-Nowe-Powisle-17 Apartment-in-Nowe-Powisle-18 Apartment-in-Nowe-Powisle-19 Apartment-in-Nowe-Powisle-20 Apartment-in-Nowe-Powisle-21 Apartment-in-Nowe-Powisle-22 Apartment-in-Nowe-Powisle-23 Apartment-in-Nowe-Powisle-24 Apartment-in-Nowe-Powisle-25 Apartment-in-Nowe-Powisle-26 Apartment-in-Nowe-Powisle-27 Apartment-in-Nowe-Powisle-28 Apartment-in-Nowe-Powisle-29 Apartment-in-Nowe-Powisle-30 Apartment-in-Nowe-Powisle-31 Apartment-in-Nowe-Powisle-32 Apartment-in-Nowe-Powisle-33 Apartment-in-Nowe-Powisle-34 Apartment-in-Nowe-Powisle-35 Apartment-in-Nowe-Powisle-36 Apartment-in-Nowe-Powisle-37 Apartment-in-Nowe-Powisle-38 Apartment-in-Nowe-Powisle-39 Apartment-in-Nowe-Powisle-40

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