Bridged House: Two existing houses of different ages and styles as one by Ida&Billy Architects

Bridged House: Two existing houses of different ages and styles as one by Ida&Billy Architects

Architects: Ida&Billy Architects
Location: Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Ida&Billy Architects

The Bridged-House plan joins two existing places of various ages and styles as one, spatially, tastefully and profoundly, while keeping the character of two houses for the two eras. One noteworthy test is their being isolated on a level plane by the current long swimming pool, and vertically by a 3m level-change between their parlor floors.


The scene plinths are decimated for a liberal Middle Garden extending the site’s profundity. The swimming pool, with all encasing dividers brought down, floods to frame a setting for the Garden.


Another steel span interfacing the houses at second level, glides over the Middle Garden. This day by day way of meeting, together with the Middle Garden and the pool, frame the center of the house.


The houses’ unique marble cladding were peeled off, and supplanted with white paint and enormous rectangular windows. Timber parapet-tops add highlights to the impartial shading, together with the trees’ green.


Inside, the primary floor is communicated as the “ground” datum – light-dark stone deck reaches out to scene, streaming water as foundation for feasting.


Timber steps lead to the personal “home” datum – the folks’ home has a tranquil cocoa timber flooring, and the children’s an exuberant yellowish one. The two houses ignore one another, similar to neighbors in a town, and connected up by the scaffold.


Stairs are communicated as a display of structure and light. The current structure is controlled with new overhangs and windows openings to frame persistent lines or fixes of structures. Tailor-made handrails underline touching and snatching. Over, the bay windows are intended to shroud the glass edges, to obscure the limit in the middle of inside and outside.


The penthouse is finished with board reasonable confronted solid section, which unpleasant composition and bond shading binds back to the nature, and echoes to the reasonable confronted solid wall divider one first experiences before going into the house.

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