Floral Pop-Up Store in London

Colourful Floral-Print Wallpaper

Glossier‘s in-house design team channelled 19th-century splendour for the interiors of its pop-up shop in London, which is covered in colourful flower-print wallpaper.

The beauty brand’s in-house design team said they looked at the history of London design through “Glossier-coloured glasses” to develop the aesthetic of the pop-up, which is nestled along a boutique-lined street in Covent Garden.

Heavily Patterned Interior

Its resulting heavily patterned interior is meant to offer a “playful and emboldened” take on the ornate style of parlour rooms and private members clubs from the 19th century.

“Florals have always been an integral component of Glossier’s visual identity,” the brand’s senior environmental designer, Kendall Latham, told Dezeen.

“We found a lot of parallels during our research process for Glossier London – from the textile prints of William Morris, to the Victorian-era buildings of London.”

Floral Wallpaper Visible from the Street

Mauve-coloured wallpaper dotted with deep-purple flowers covers the shop’s front room, visible from the street through two huge, arched windows that punctuate the front facade.

White boiserie-style cupboard doors line the rear of the space, while simple, spherical lights have been suspended from the ceiling.

Serums, lip glosses, moisturisers and a wealth of other beauty items are displayed on chunky, white plinths fitted with vanity mirrors, allowing customers to test and see products before buying.

The rest of the rooms – which feature butter-yellow, royal-blue and vermillion-red iterations of the wallpaper – are accessed via “secret doors” that blend imperceptibly into the shop’s surfaces.

Rich Green Drapes

Some areas are hidden by rich-green drapes in the same floral print.

Tucked away at the rear of the store is also a small installation that features pink-hued models of the tiled roofs that typically top London’s buildings.

“I took a lot of long walks in London and noticed the layering of chimneys and shingles on the roofs that made the London skyline so iconic,” added Latham.

The store will be open to the public until 9 February 2020 and is the fifth temporary retail space that Glossier has created this year. Just five months ago it opened a pop-up in Seattle, which landscape designer Lily Kwong fit-out with moss-covered mounds.

Do you like this kind of floral wallpaper print?

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