Bright Mentana Townhouse in Montreal by EM architecture

Bright Mentana Townhouse in Montreal by EM architecture

Architects: EM architecture
Location: Montreal, Québec, Canada
Year: 2015
Area: 3,100 ft²/ 288 m²
Photo courtesy: Adrien Williams

A previous 4-plex later converted into a duplex, the task comprised in changing this present 1900’s property into a contemporary single-family home, with a little expansion in the back. The current two-story building was half deserted and needing real remodels. After totally gutting the inside space, the structure was altered to uproot every single inside divider and in addition the back divider.


The design is verbalized around another focal opening, 6′ wide and augmenting the full width of the house delegated by a straight sky facing window likewise the full 45′ width, which gives plentiful normal light to the focal spaces. A palette of light hues and the ubiquity of wood add to the shine and warmth of the space. Upstairs, the opening isolates the kids’ region from the folks’ room.


An expansion at the back gives access to the storm cellar and portrays a private outside porch. The wood volume over the lounge area stretches out upstairs and shades to the outside set interestingly with the solid board cladding of the expansion. The front façade was restored to its unique character with new brickwork, overhangs and cornice.


Bright-Mentana-Townhouse-in-Montreal-by-EM-architecture-01 Bright-Mentana-Townhouse-in-Montreal-by-EM-architecture-02 Bright-Mentana-Townhouse-in-Montreal-by-EM-architecture-03 Bright-Mentana-Townhouse-in-Montreal-by-EM-architecture-04 Bright-Mentana-Townhouse-in-Montreal-by-EM-architecture-05 Bright-Mentana-Townhouse-in-Montreal-by-EM-architecture-06 Bright-Mentana-Townhouse-in-Montreal-by-EM-architecture-07 Bright-Mentana-Townhouse-in-Montreal-by-EM-architecture-08 Bright-Mentana-Townhouse-in-Montreal-by-EM-architecture-09 Bright-Mentana-Townhouse-in-Montreal-by-EM-architecture-10 Bright-Mentana-Townhouse-in-Montreal-by-EM-architecture-14 Bright-Mentana-Townhouse-in-Montreal-by-EM-architecture-15 Bright-Mentana-Townhouse-in-Montreal-by-EM-architecture-16 Bright-Mentana-Townhouse-in-Montreal-by-EM-architecture-17

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