Understanding the Contract Approval Meeting When Building a Home

Understanding the Contract Approval Meeting When Building a Home

Going through the complexities of the home building process is often a challenge for those who do not understand every step of the process. For example, a contract acceptance meeting is often the first step towards getting your loan and building a great home. However, it requires a careful understanding of its purpose and what kind of issues you might experience during one.

The Nature of a Contract Acceptance Meeting

One of the most critical parts of the home building process is to hold a contract acceptance meeting that goes over every element of your project. Typically, you schedule one of these meetings before accepting your purchasing agreement with a building contractor, typically 30 days or so before your loan is set to be accepted. The process of this meeting is both practical and financial.

For example, you’ll sit down with both the contractors and the lenders who provide you money for the home and talk about the terms of the contract to see if it is acceptable for everybody. You’ll go line by line over the deal, examining different elements, such as the number of people working on the project, the materials needed for the job, and the work hours anticipated for the project.

Most types of contract approval meetings are more or fewer formalities – the exact details of the bid have likely been smoothed out already, and the lender is most likely on board with whatever you want. You probably already set up some contracts with the builder and need to get everything figured out and approved before building.

In a best-case scenario, you should be able to agree within a few hours or sometimes within half an hour, depending on the process you use and the lenders and the contractors you utilize. However, some issues may cause complications that may make this a more challenging situation to get right. This issue is particularly a concern if this is your first home.

Issues You May Experience

Most of the time, the process of contract acceptance for building a home usually goes smoothly and rarely results in any problems. However, there are situations in which your contract may be in jeopardy if you aren’t careful. These issues usually occur due to minor misunderstandings between you and the contractor but must be handled effectively to ensure that you don’t run into any concerns.

For example, the lender may find a discrepancy between what the contract says and what their research says is necessary for building your home. Remember – your lender will do a lot of research into this process and make sure that they are not giving you too much money for a home. That mistake would hurt both them and you, and they’d rather keep everything smooth and easy to understand.

And there are some circumstances where the contractor may not agree to the amount of money the lender suggests because they either think it is too much or believe it is too little. These types of disputes should be ironed out before the contract approval meeting, of course, but there are situations in which new issues or concerns may pop up without warning from the builder.

Lastly, you may develop new issues that hadn’t been raised yet, such as confusion between the types of materials that will be used or interest rates that you thought had been agreed on at a different pace. Don’t be afraid to make your voice heard during this meeting – though it may complicate things and slow your building process, you deserve to get a high-quality home at a reasonable price.

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