How To Maintain The Softness Of Carpet Fiber

How To Maintain The Softness Of Carpet Fiber

Have you ever been awestruck by the look and feel of old carpets, passed over as heirlooms over generations? The secret of those ageless carpets is largely the cleaning techniques that have been followed through the generations. Things can be maintained quite well if proper methods and techniques are followed.

Various types of fibres are used to weave a carpet. The cost, look and feel of carpet is determined by the type of fiber. The look and feel of a carpet can be maintained by knowing the type of fiber used for making the carpet. Each type of fiber needs different treatment than the other type.

The various types of fibers used to make carpets are olefin, wool, nylon and polyester.


Olefin or polypropylene is a carpet fiber type that gives a wool-like appearance.

Homes with high foot traffic should avoid carpets that are expensive and susceptible to staining. Carpets made of olefin are water-resistant, which means they do not absorb water and are ideal for those areas of the house where liquid spillage is common. Olefin fiber carpets are ideal for areas that have high moisture. Olefin fibre carpets are ideal for basements.


Wool fiber carpets are the premium type of carpets available in the market. These are organic in nature. Wool carpets can be permanently stained if a small stain is not cleaned quickly. For wool carpets to stay soft for longer periods of time, professional cleaners should be hired who use premium carpet cleaner products, keeping in mind the high quality of wool carpets.

Wool carpets can quickly become a hotbed for pests. For softer, long-lasting wool carpets, pest control should be done around the carpet area.


Nylon fibre carpets are the most sought after type of carpets because of their durability and easy maintenance. High alkaline solutions should be avoided, for they erode the softness of nylon fibers in a nylon carpet. Nylon carpets are available in many styles, adding to their popularity. Nylon carpets are highly inflammable so any fire should be avoided around it.


Polyester fiber carpets are known for softness and high luster. Avoid direct sunlight to prevent the fading of polyester fiber carpets. One should use a specific carpet and couch cleaner meant for cleaning polyester carpets. A small part of the polyester carpet should be tested with the cleaning chemical before using it for the whole carpet or you would end up ruining it. Regular vacuuming fluffs up a polyester carpet and removes debris from it that gets accumulated every day.

Knowing the carpet fiber type also means knowing what will damage it and what  not. A carpet fiber could be damaged by a certain type of chemical solution as compared to a fiber type for which the chemical is beneficial. Which chemicals are suitable for which carpet should be taken care of.

Polyester is prone to flattening under weight, which means this fiber would last longer in less foot traffic areas like bedrooms. Eco-friendly chemical cleaning solutions should be used to clean all types of carpets. They are certified as eco-friendly because of them being less reactive, therefore being mild on both environment and the carpets. The DIY solutions must be thoroughly probed before applying them to expensive and exclusive stuff like carpets.

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