Contemporary Attic Apartment in the Poznań City Center by Cuns Studio

Contemporary Attic Apartment in the Poznań City Center by Cuns Studio

Architects: Cuns Studio
Location: Poznań, Poland
Year: 2013
Area: 1,830 ft²/ 170 m²
Photo courtesy: Hanna Długosz

This big apartment is situated in the Poznań city center, close to the Stary Browar (Old Brewery) shopping, expressions and business focus. Tomek, the owner, is a youthful, dynamic thirty-some-year old male working in the internet service industry. He has dependably longed for living in an open and agreeable space with no entirely characterized fringes. Like his object of worship, the fundamental character of the well known nineties television arrangement “Nash Bridges”


This upper room space was beforehand involved by a neighborhood business. Luckily it was not disregarded or harmed as can happen with deserted storage rooms. By the by it required a great deal of diligent work to convey it to the current condition. The hardest part was reclamation of the first wooden floor and the first rooftop timber structure. Revealing and cleaning of the block dividers was likewise a testing and tedious undertaking.


The space has not been divided into individual spaces to permit the owner and his visitors to feel quiet. Just the owner’s room was plainly characterized and isolated to make a private space, a close shelter where Tomek can rest and satisfy one he had always wanted – “shower under the mists”. The curved bathtub and a children’s story light add to the enchantment of this comfortable room.


An irregular component of this flat is the mezzanine which is gotten to by uniquely designed steel stairs. It’s the place one can unwind or, do the inverse – and workout. The creators hung some netted rope that capacities as a loft and makes a space to escape and reset. The net was composed and produced by a firm represent considerable authority in security gear and can withstand the heaviness of a few individuals. This space was intended for perusing or listening the music be that as it may, as the owner concedes, he invests more energy there snoozing than on perusing.


The way that the planners did not parcel the space permits visitors to uninhibitedly connect amid the gatherings. The specially crafted kitchen is a perfect spot to plan snacks and beverages. Worth seeing is the geometrical theme on the kitchen floor that was motivated by the mat in the family room.


An open space idea permits numerous choices. To have a fabulous time together, to move together or to hold personal gathering discussions alongside the chimney while leaning back on the comfortable couch, the fleece poufs or, if statures aren’t an issue, the loft net above. Others may decide on a nibble while sitting on the extravagant hocker stools by the table, both likewise outlined by CUNS.


The owner is a music partner so a fine sound framework was an absolute necessity. 3D shape Audio firm gave an altered home sound framework. You can appreciate music in one room just or conform the settings to fill the whole home, including the home theater.


The home theater additionally highlights a screen that brings down naturally from under the mezzanine floor If you need to go wild and host an all out get-together simply tap on another catch on your cell phone. Since all the condo’s administrations are completely coordinated – shrewd and clever, the owner can control its sound or video frameworks as well as lighting and atmosphere settings also. This from his cell phone.


Aside from an unwinding shower by the main room there is additionally a more obvious option of a shower in the washroom. Solid dividers orchestrate with the excellent detached restroom, the pride of the washroom. The extra little water storage room, situated by the restroom, stands out slyly from it on account of the geometric tiles on the floor and the washbasin on a wooden base. The tap, reminiscent of a drop of water, likewise adds appeal to this spot.


Sobkiewicz – collaborated directly in the wake of moving on from The Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań. Their fundamental center is on the inside outline of houses, condo, business and open spaces.

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