Shokan House by Jay Bargmann

Shokan House by Jay Bargmann

Architects: Jay Bargmann
Location: New York, USA
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Brad Feinknopf

The house remains at the edge of the Ashokan store, just underneath the summit of a Catskill mountain, with perspectives broadening south crosswise over and past the repository to the skyline. Oak, fir, spruce, and an intermittent birch encompass the house. Falcons, turkey, fox, deer and bear consistently show up.


A ½-mile rock street bends around a grass-kept money lake, prompting the long western height of the house and afterward stretches out, in a curve, around the southern rise.


The 6,00 square foot house is entered from the east or west through entryways set into the solid establishment encasing a vestibule, a room and the carport. From the solid walled vestibule with its chimney, one turns and enters the steel-encircled family room with perspectives crosswise over treetops to the repository, the far off mountains and the encompassing woods.


At the highest point of the stair, the lounge area and kitchen manage the cost of a second, more raised perspective over the Reservoir to the mountains stretching out toward the East and West. Two rooms and a library finish this level. The house ends in a rock confronted bluff, a stone patio and herb garden on the West and a solitary seat toward the east that sits in the tree-sifted morning light.


The uncovered, strengthened solid establishment bears on rock, the glass fenced in area is assembled of “T” segments, dashed to the establishment, supporting open web joists, 4 feet on focus. The “T” segments likewise serve as the edge for the glass divider, incorporating structure and walled in area.


Administrations are keep running underneath the artistic tile access floor and can be promptly gotten to, reconfigured or developed. Walnut cupboards characterize inside spaces. Furniture is walnut and painted steel with stainless steel work surfaces. The level stainless steel planes imitate the surface tones of the store and unobtrusively mirror the air conditions.


Steel, glass, solid, fired and wood are left uncovered and unadorned. Each piece records the development of the house and is key to the idea. The house is clear and brisk.

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