Tlv Penthouse by Studio Gad

Tlv Penthouse by Studio Gad

Architects: Studio Gad
Location: Jaffa, Tel Aviv, Israel
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Assaf Pinchuk

Condo intended for a man living and working in Tel Aviv. The flat reflects present day life in Tel Aviv, and identifies with the loft proprietor and his character. The loft outline identifies with the rooms of his two youngsters, and to making furniture to suit the measurements of the room. In the proprietor’s room, the divider is confronted with wooden boards lying in diverse headings.


An enlightened rack is set in the boards to expand and underline the extent of the room, which can likewise be seen from the flip side of the condo, from the family room, as a state of light toward the end of the hall. The family room and kitchen are in the same space, thus the realism decided for the kitchen mixes superbly with the parquet that is found all through the loft. The wood of the floor and the furniture gives the loft a warm and welcoming air.

Tlv-Penthouse-by-Studio-Gad-02 Tlv-Penthouse-by-Studio-Gad-03 Tlv-Penthouse-by-Studio-Gad-04 Tlv-Penthouse-by-Studio-Gad-05 Tlv-Penthouse-by-Studio-Gad-06 Tlv-Penthouse-by-Studio-Gad-07 Tlv-Penthouse-by-Studio-Gad-08 Tlv-Penthouse-by-Studio-Gad-09 Tlv-Penthouse-by-Studio-Gad-10 Tlv-Penthouse-by-Studio-Gad-11 Tlv-Penthouse-by-Studio-Gad-12 Tlv-Penthouse-by-Studio-Gad-13 Tlv-Penthouse-by-Studio-Gad-14

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