Mountain residence in Paluzza by Ceschia Mentil and Associates Architects

Mountain residence in Paluzza by Ceschia Mentil and Associates Architects

Architects: Ceschia Mentil and Associates Architects
Location: Paluzza, Italy
Year: 2014
Photo courtesy: Ceschia Mentil and Associates Architects

On the grounds of an old ranch building was fabricated a little building used to be a private unit in the administration of the multi the town of Paluzza. The coordinated venture “Albergo Diffuso”, advanced by the Tourism of the district Friuli Venezia Giulia and subsidized by commitments from the European group, has as its motivation the re-use and recuperation of the lodging into neglect with the point of advancing another type of tourism more Sustainable ready to contribute, in the meantime, the rejuvenation of not more possessed spots.


Our venture changes the components making up one stavolo existing: the storm cellar dividers, used to the stable and place of safe house of the shepherds, turn into the “backing” for another wooden structure. The space of the house over the prior stone brick work houses the living zone and in the storm cellar there is the resting region and a little washroom. The room of this arrangement is to utilize the common summer. For the winter season, it is normal that the space over the feasting territory will turn into an agreeable and personal bed under the wide rooftop slants.


L ‘building is vitality autonomous: a progression of elite sun based boards control the LED lights that give charming lighting. Warming, wood smoldering, is secured by two stoves put in the living region and resting zone.


The straightforwardness and unequivocal quality of the building volume, the utilization of covering materials, the accomplishments of an expansive window that is designed from inside as substantial conceptual painting swung to the high landscape portray the ‘presence of’ building and set up the components of enthusiastic association between the house and a conventional elevated ‘building with a contemporary character.

Mountain-residence-in-Paluzza-by-Ceschia-e-Mentil-Architetti-Associati-04 Mountain-residence-in-Paluzza-by-Ceschia-e-Mentil-Architetti-Associati-05 Mountain-residence-in-Paluzza-by-Ceschia-e-Mentil-Architetti-Associati-06 Mountain-residence-in-Paluzza-by-Ceschia-e-Mentil-Architetti-Associati-07 Mountain-residence-in-Paluzza-by-Ceschia-e-Mentil-Architetti-Associati-08 Mountain-residence-in-Paluzza-by-Ceschia-e-Mentil-Architetti-Associati-09 Mountain-residence-in-Paluzza-by-Ceschia-e-Mentil-Architetti-Associati-10 Mountain-residence-in-Paluzza-by-Ceschia-e-Mentil-Architetti-Associati-11 Mountain-residence-in-Paluzza-by-Ceschia-e-Mentil-Architetti-Associati-12 Mountain-residence-in-Paluzza-by-Ceschia-e-Mentil-Architetti-Associati-13

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