Lyngholmen Residence with magnificent ocean views by Lund Hagem

Lyngholmen Residence with magnificent ocean views by Lund Hagem

Architects: Lund Hagem
Location: Lillesand, Norway
Year: 2012
Area: 1,076 ft²/ 100 m²
Photo courtesy:  Lund Hagem

Lyngholmen is an island in the archipelago in Aust Agder, the South shoreline of Norway. The site is arranged on the limit between the rough scene and the sea. The site is inclining down towards toward the south, and it has superb sea sees. The site is likewise normally protected from wind by the current vegetation and shakes yet it opens up to the night sun.


The key element of the house is the rooftop that scaffolds over the current rocks. It doesn’t just asylum the prompt outside space from twist additionally verbalizes the perspective towards the sea from the house. The rooftop structure intercedes the edge in the middle of inside and outside and binding together between the nature and the building.


Articulating and rethinking the quick scene was viewed as critical in this task. Another way was made from the house to the shoreline and another pier set deliberately without least interruption to the scene. As the island is just available by watercraft, the primary access to the house is set on the south side to set up a tender pivot to the private shoreline.


The disguised lights in the bollards lead down to the water at night respecting those touching base from the ocean. The current vegetation was likewise precisely saved and the volume of the building has been characterized in concordance with the environment.


Site confinements and arranging constraint:

This venture was allowed as it replaces a current house from the 60’s. The new arrangement must be produced in cozy association with the foot shaped impression of the current building and every one of the rooms of the new arrangement needed to fit inside of the 100 sqm floor range.



With a specific end goal to augment the usable floor range, all the flow between the rooms was put outside, under the one extensive rooftop. Thus, two encased wings are set up, associated by the open air patio. The fundamental wing contains an open-arrangement front room and kitchen that has an immediate access to the main room. The other wing contains a youngsters’ room and a visitor room with a study. Every room has its own particular passage from the upper wooden deck.


The stair verbalizes the current site levels and makes an edge between the two unique porches. The stair additionally intervenes the two material beds, the principle stage in white cement and the upper stage in wood. The patio is painstakingly situated to be very much shielded from the wind. The rooftop structure extends over the porch to shape a shade giving sunshade. The extra storage room and the utility rooms are covered up under the enunciated stages.


The rooftop is executed in 270mm thick fortified cement with 40mm VIP separation sheets. The rooftop is bolstered by 100mm distance across steel sections put autonomously of the dividers. The fortifications are put in thickly in request to avoid breaks. The structure itself is water safe, consequently no extra roofing materials are required. Accordingly the rooftop gives a smooth white surface making an intriguing dialog with the rough scene, and gives the lodge its unmistakable character.


The decision of material is basic yet vigorous. White solid, glass and cinder are all painstakingly chose to coordinate with the shades that are actually found in the encompassing scene so that the building step by step mixes into its environment. The material bed was contracted down to these three, and individual materiality is improved and investigated in the specifying. Fiery debris was utilized both inside and remotely. In the interior the fiery remains is basically recolored white yet for the outside the wood must be solidified in a warm process.


The window and door jambs are all bespoke joinery and deliberately amassed in a neighbourhood joinery workshop. The solid is additionally utilized both all around. The chimney and the long seat are con¬structed with the same white concrete as the rooftop, the porch and the stair.

Lyngholmen-Residence-with-magnificent-ocean-views-by-Lund-Hagem-10 Lyngholmen-Residence-with-magnificent-ocean-views-by-Lund-Hagem-11 Lyngholmen-Residence-with-magnificent-ocean-views-by-Lund-Hagem-12 Lyngholmen-Residence-with-magnificent-ocean-views-by-Lund-Hagem-13 Lyngholmen-Residence-with-magnificent-ocean-views-by-Lund-Hagem-14 Lyngholmen-Residence-with-magnificent-ocean-views-by-Lund-Hagem-15 Lyngholmen-Residence-with-magnificent-ocean-views-by-Lund-Hagem-16 Lyngholmen-Residence-with-magnificent-ocean-views-by-Lund-Hagem-17 Lyngholmen-Residence-with-magnificent-ocean-views-by-Lund-Hagem-18 Lyngholmen-Residence-with-magnificent-ocean-views-by-Lund-Hagem-19

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