Casa Finisterra by Steven Harris Architects

Casa Finisterra by Steven Harris Architects

Architects: Steven Harris Architects
Location: Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico
Year: 2014
Area: 6.000 sqft
Photo courtesy: Scott Frances

The outline for this 6,000 square-foot home neglecting the Pacific Ocean was enlivened by its novel site and the offer of the sensational scene around it. Arranged on a bluff 250 feet over the sea, the house is the southernmost private living arrangement on Mexico’s Baja Peninsula. As Steven Harris puts it, “one of our principle objectives was to stay off the beaten path of the perspective and of the site.”


As such, the house is arranged to suit a grouping of perspectives and to reject the visual vicinity of close-by structures, making the dream that it exists altogether confinement on the primordial scene. The house is not a solitary building, but rather a bunch of structures at or subterranean level that embrace the rough projection and outline vistas of the shoreline and ocean.


A bay window in the section court gives characteristic lighting to inside rooms underneath, which slide three stories down the bluff face, lodging rooms, a studio, and visitor flats. Open to the boundless scope of ocean on one side and the desert on the other, the house’s insides turn into a progression of arousing encounters. A few rooms are hole like, cut into the stone edge; others at the bluff edge are scarcely encased by glass and appear to be suspended in mid-air.


By consolidating components, for example, uncovered stone dividers with mid-century present day furniture, the polish of the inside spaces is tempered by the somberness of the encompassing environment. A stair cut from the bluff rock and an outside shower with cut stone dividers permit you to encounter the house as a strict expansion of its regular scene and site. A 80-foot swimming pool sits on an outcrop in the bluff between the house and sea, caving in the space between the pool and the Pacific Ocean beneath. The house is produced using materials run of the mill to this district of Mexico: cleaned solid, glass, and local stone unearthed on the property.

Casa-Finisterra-04 Casa-Finisterra-05 Casa-Finisterra-06 Casa-Finisterra-07 Casa-Finisterra-08 Casa-Finisterra-09 Casa-Finisterra-10 Casa-Finisterra-11 Casa-Finisterra-12 Casa-Finisterra-13 Casa-Finisterra-14 Casa-Finisterra-15 Casa-Finisterra-16 Casa-Finisterra-17 Casa-Finisterra-18 Casa-Finisterra-19 Casa-Finisterra-20 Casa-Finisterra-21

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