Batipin small flat by studioWOK

Batipin small flat by studioWOK

Architects: studioWOK
Location: Milan, Italy
Year: 2015
Area: 301 sqft / 28 sqm
Photo courtesy: Federico Villa

In this mediation the outline test was to provide for a little condo of 28 sqm (301 sqft) the living solace of a greater one. Least yet decent administration territories were intended to leave however much space as could be expected to the primary room.


The primary space is straightforward and clean, a container named by the side dividers framed (batipin – plywood) and by an expansive window neglecting on the patio to reach out however much as could reasonably be expected the inside space to the outside.


The two “dynamic” dividers in batipin shroud all the furniture, the collapsing twofold bed, sliding entryways of the washroom and of the kitchen, a storage room and the compartment for the aerating and cooling.


The living zone can be lived with awesome adaptability and change its appearance amid the day and by the employments.


Restroom and kitchen are two monochrome blue boxes , while the living range is portrayed by white surfaces to support the shine and draw out the composition of the wood walls.

Batipin-Flat-by-studioWOK-05 Batipin-Flat-by-studioWOK-06 Batipin-Flat-by-studioWOK-07 Batipin-Flat-by-studioWOK-08 Batipin-Flat-by-studioWOK-09 Batipin-Flat-by-studioWOK-10 Batipin-Flat-by-studioWOK-11

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