Brick and wood work of art of the Shatura House locate near Moscow

Brick and wood work of art of the Shatura House locate near Moscow

Architects: Le Atelier
Location: Shatura, Moscow Oblast, Russia
Year: 2016
Area: 2.357 ft²/ 219 m²
Photo courtesy: Ilya Ivanov

“The house located in a 30 000 populated town 150 km from Moscow. The private houses in such places are highly diversified. There are no rules or limitations. Surroundings full of “architecture without architects”, everything is always in process: if you need new room you construct it, without any project and with the materials that you have for in that moment.

The square one-storey house was constructed in the basement where the client made it without any project and only after building it, he decided to find an architect. One-storey square block divided into 3 parts to make the scale closer to environment. In the central “house” we placed a living room. The block which is closest to the entrance contain master-bedroom, hall and maintenance spaces. The block with kid’s rooms situated deeply inside the plot. The Ventilation and other maintenance we placed in the side blocks above the bedrooms. The living room has nearly 2-storey height to make you feel spatial experience.”

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