Baleia Condo by Studio Arthur Casas

Baleia Condo by Studio Arthur Casas

Architects: Studio Arthur Casas
Location: São Sebastião, Brazil
Photography: Fernando Guerra

The area of this condominium is interesting, between a substantial downpour backwoods save that covers the mountains of Serra do Mar and the verging on untouched shoreline of Baleia, in the northern bank of the condition of São Paulo.

bc_221113_01Our customer needed to construct four houses in the plot that is moderately little. The undertaking needed to partner protection for every house with a construction modeling that ought to uncover the scene.


Our thought was to make a solitary arrangement for every one of the houses that ought to function as a solidarity exploiting the slanting of the plot. By doing as such the mass of the neighboring house could turn into an intriguing space for the adjoining house, in a fragile round of built and discharge spaces. The house is generally thin however exceptionally rich in ways and perspectives.


The segment shows plainly this division of spaces. A focal yard turns into an inside patio nursery while conveying inexhaustible light to the center of the house.


On the ground floor arrangement one may watch this goal of making a way where the scene is uncovered in layers as we approach the shoreline. The house is made of two unmistakable volumes joined by a hallway alongside the yard. On the first square are the administration ranges, kitchen and lounge area. The roof is low, the lounge area totally open to the porch from where we can have a perspective to the . The spaces are low with the exception of the twofold tallness lounge. The glass entryway can slide totally outside the house, complementing this joining in the middle of inside and outside. The porch is nonstop to the front room. A grill space was made underneath the main room, isolated from the patio by a divider that backings the cantilever.In front of the porch there’s a swimming pool with a Jacuzzi, a sauna was made underneath.


The stairs are isolated from the passageways by a glass divider, that permits the light from the zenithal opening to attack every one of the floors. The second floor is secured in wood conversely with the stone of the ground floor. The guestrooms are disseminated on one side of the house with a perspective to the neighbors divider. This divider turns into a vertical greenhouse, rendering more agreeable the nearby vicinity of the neighbor’s home. The passageway that associate both volumes has wooden louvers on both sides, that permit a phenomenal normal ventilation of the house. Subsequent to going by the storage room and washroom the perspective is lead to the main room where a window was set in the corner, encircling the shoreline.


On the second floor a home theater and a little kitchen were set on the first square. To permit the perspective of the shoreline from the home theater the green rooftop over the family room is lower. A solarium was put over the main room, with a liberal perspective of the and the mountains behind the house.


All through the house the spaces are produced with slanting perspectives to different spaces, in a steady session of combination in the middle of inside and outside. The venture reacts to the test of keeping security between four close neighbors without losing the fabulous perspectives of the encompassing scene. The materials and compositions delimitate cozy and open spaces, by the utilization of wood and stone. The façade is made of blocks. It’s a shoreline house that has an in number Brazilian character through a contemporary vocabulary, exploiting our specific atmosphere and one of a kind landscape.


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