Villa H by Smartvoll Architekten ZT KG

Villa H by Smartvoll Architekten ZT KG

Architects: Smartvoll Architekten ZT KG
Location: Hallwang, Salzburg, Austria
Photos: Smartvoll Architekten ZT KG

We don’t just arrangement structures. We consider how a house responds to its encompassing, and the encompassing to the house. Inside life is as critical as nature. Villa H is all through smartvoll: not just the building itself was composed by us additionally the points of interest of within space. Common light in all rooms, familiar room moves, the snare of lavatory and dozing region, arranged standpoints at nature, a skimming carportroof – these attributes recognize this undertaking and make it smartvoll.

Villa-H-01Installing the wealth of the encompassing scene and the customer’s wish for purism: incomprehensibly the answer was to discover in an almost fake building design and inside outline. It strengthens nature considerably more through anorganic shapes and a base utilization of shading. From within the carportroof appears like a casing, getting the effective landscape outside.


The neighborhood powers requested a seat rooftop – which didn’t take us aback. We stowed the customary structure with new capacities. Subsequently, the seat rooftop is not just a rooftop, it is additionally a garage, the entry to an old existing structure and a column free safe place within with a major living, feasting and kitchen region.


Sorting out an association between the old and the new house and empowering a next to each other family living, was likewise a portion of our solicitation. The new house is currently available through the section of the property and the old house can be come to through a staircase directly behind the new development.



Villa-H-06 Villa-H-07 Villa-H-08 Villa-H-09 Villa-H-10 Villa-H-11 Villa-H-12 Villa-H-13 Villa-H-14 Villa-H-15 Villa-H-16 Villa-H-17

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