Tex-Tonix House by Paul McAneary Architects

Tex-Tonix House by Paul Mcaneary Architects

Architects: Paul Mcaneary Architects
Location: London, England
Year: 2010
Area: 5000 sqft
Photo courtesy: Paul McAneary Architects

The customers brief in this welcomed rivalry was to plan two lofts on the top floor of the current Central London post office and Phillips de Pury craftsmanship activity house in Victoria, London. The customer communicated a wish for extensive volume “space” spaces and his craving for a contemporary outline and usefulness. Paul McAneary Architects’ reaction won the opposition with a proposition for communicated characteristic tectonics through various new points of interest, and notwithstanding adding to another material kind of cast timber bronze.


Since, the two condo are based on top of the current Central London post office, the postal conveyance framework has been the uplifting wellspring of the idea outline. Paul McAneary Architects reacted to the brief by communicating and amplifying the ‘post box part idea component’ into substantial boxes of regular materials pleasing for the private system.


We put three room boxes inside of the substantial twofold stature space, to give rooms to resting convenience: extra to the main room and two further rooms, they oblige for the main room stroll in closet, en-suite lavatory and a common washroom. In accordance with a more contemporary home life, the private project territory is moderately unobtrusive in size. The customer communicated the yearning to have a huge adaptable living space ideal for unwinding and gatherings, thus the living territory is extensive and serves multipurpose occasions.


The general design dialect is humble and emotional in the meantime: blended timber tectonics have been connected with an accentuation on their surface and characteristic excellence. The measure of ‘vertical regular light’ flooding through the substantial sky facing windows, stroll on glass and the flat blind walling boost the flawless impact of the characteristic grain and example of the timber roof, oak shafts and floor and also the bronze ‘timber surface’.

Tex-Tonic-House-05-1 Tex-Tonic-House-05-2 Tex-Tonic-House-05-3 Tex-Tonic-House-05-4 Tex-Tonic-House-05 Tex-Tonic-House-06-0 Tex-Tonic-House-06-2 Tex-Tonic-House-06 Tex-Tonic-House-07-0 Tex-Tonic-House-07-1 Tex-Tonic-House-07-2 Tex-Tonic-House-07-3 Tex-Tonic-House-07-4-0-2 Tex-Tonic-House-07-4-0-3 Tex-Tonic-House-07-4-0-4 Tex-Tonic-House-07-4-1 Tex-Tonic-House-07-4 Tex-Tonic-House-07-5 Tex-Tonic-House-07-6 Tex-Tonic-House-07 Tex-Tonic-House-08 Tex-Tonic-House-09-1 Tex-Tonic-House-09-2 Tex-Tonic-House-10 Tex-Tonic-House-11-1 Tex-Tonic-House-11 Tex-Tonic-House-12-1 Tex-Tonic-House-12-2 Tex-Tonic-House-12-3 Tex-Tonic-House-12 Tex-Tonic-House-15-0 Tex-Tonic-House-15 Tex-Tonic-House-19-1 Tex-Tonic-House-19 Tex-Tonic-House-21 Tex-Tonic-House-22

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