Modern Nakahouse in Los Angeles by XTEN Architecture

Modern Nakahouse in Los Angeles by XTEN Architecture

Architects: XTEN Architecture
Location: , California,
Year: 2011
Area: 2,700 sqft
Photo courtesy: Steve King

Nakahouse is a dynamic rebuild of a 1960′s slope home situated on a West confronting edge in the Hollywood Hills, just underneath the Hollywood sign. Toward the South and West are perspectives of the Beechwood Canyon; toward the East is an ensured normal gorge, with a perspective of Griffith Park Observatory out there.


The current home was assembled as a progression of interconnected terraced spaces on the downslope property. Because of geotechnical, zoning and spending plan imperatives the establishments and building foot shaped impression were kept up in the present configuration. The inside was totally reconfigured on the other hand, and the outside was opened up to the slope sees and the normal excellence of the environment. An extensive patio was added to connect the kitchen/feasting region with the parlor, with a steel stair prompting a housetop sundeck. Porches were likewise added to the room wing and the upper main room suite to broaden the inside spaces through floor to roof glass sliding boards that vanish into adjoining dividers when open.


The outside dividers are done in a smooth dark Meoded ventetian mortar framework, intended to render the building as a particular sculptural item set inside of the lavish regular setting. A progression of conceptual indoor-open air spaces with confined perspectives to nature are rendered in white surfaces of different materials and completions; lacquered cabinetry, epoxy gum floors and decks and painted metal.


The complexity between the inside and outside of the house is deliberate and add up to. While the outside is seen as a particular limited and sporadic item in the scene the inverse happens inside the building. Once inside the large number of white surfaces mix the rooms together, developing ones feeling of space and making an increased, dynamic air from which to encounter the shifted types of the slope landscape.

Nakahouse-02 Nakahouse-03 Nakahouse-04 Nakahouse-05-1 Nakahouse-05-2 Nakahouse-05 Nakahouse-06 Nakahouse-07 Nakahouse-08 Nakahouse-21 Nakahouse-22 Nakahouse-23 Nakahouse-24 Nakahouse-25 Nakahouse-26

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