The Water-Cooled House in Singapore by Wallflower Architecture + Design

The Water-Cooled House in Singapore by Wallflower Architecture + Design

Architects: Wallflower Architecture + Design
Location: Bukit Timah, Singapore
Year: 2010
Photo courtesy: Wallflower Architecture + Design

Concealed far from the street, the site is encompassed by a verdant screen of full grown trees from adjoining properties. Breezes blowing transversely over the site being another striking part of the area. The proprietor had needed a contemporary home that organized natural coolness as a predictable credit and to have the capacity to appreciate the tasty tropical environment.


The idea produced for the home reversed arranging and progressive standards normal in neighborhood private arranging. To completely value the full grown and variegated regular habitat and stretch the potential for visual profundity and separation, the principle front room and study were situated in a structure on the second story. It was outlined with insignificant encasing and supporting structure to augment the lifted vistas. To unknowingly control guests to the living structure over, an insignificant winding staircase touches down inside of the passageway lobby.


Clues of the tree-lined perspectives are seen through the extensive round void uniting the passageway hall to the structure above. A dim reflecting lake encompasses the structure which helps with refining the experience of peaceful separation and security and casings. The periodic winged animal plunging into the lake, undulating the surface further binds the house to the common environment. The reason for the second story lake is likewise intended to thermally protect the feasting, rooms and family spaces underneath from sun oriented warmth pick up. In the same way, the water body above additionally directs temperature swings inside of the house.


On the first story, the private and administration elements of the house are portrayed by a long ceaseless light and air well that is paralleled beneath by a correspondingly long and nonstop koi lake. The pathway running close by the lake that prompts the rooms shrouds the significant administration territories which are past the pathway divider. Likewise with the second story lake, the air well and first story koi lake is additionally intended to encourage in small scale cooling the first story rooms and spaces. The pathway is a conductor for winning breezes; the koi lake’s thirty meter length and two meter width uncovered a sixty square meter surface region inside of the house to those breezes for evaporative cooling.


As a signal to the unmistakable part that water plays inside of the living arrangement, an oculus inside of the lake highlights the primary passageway, the circle of daylight cooled and enlivened by the continually changing sinusoidal examples of refracted beams through the water above.

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