Tenbosh House in Brussels by Patrice Lemeret and Michel Penneman

Tenbosh House in Brussels by Patrice Lemeret and Michel Penneman

Architects: Patrice Lemeret and Michel Penneman
Location: Ixelles, Brussels, Belgium
Year: 2008
Price: €250/$360 per night
Photo courtesy: Serge Anton

Tenbosch House contains two bordering Hôtel de Maitres structures dating from 1906. A blue-blooded Brussels family charged the planner Benjamin de Lestré de Fabribeckers to build the two houses, one for the folks and one for the kids. Tenbosch House is inherent the compositional style of mixed Art Nouveau, and in the area of Ixelles you will discover a few legacy structures by the same modeler. The houses stayed in the family’s ownership until 2008 when Cedric Meuris and Bernard Devaux purchased the properties to restore them and transform them into today’s Tenbosch House.


Cedric Meuris and Bernard Devaux, both energetic for the structural legacy of Brussels have restored a few comparative properties with works including the reestablishment of “Sgraffites ” façades and returning stucco moldings, metal and woodwork to their unique condition. The change of Tenbosch House incorporates every one of these perspectives and was attempted by draftsman Patrice Lemeret of MAP and inside planner Michel Penneman.


Scandinavian configuration is the stage of Tenbosch House, consolidating feel and functionalism. Each piece is had its specific spot in every suite and to fit with the idea of an one of a kind home with a Scandinavian soul. The furniture choice and general idea was created by Cedric’s wife, Catharina Eklöf who is of Scandinavian inception. The subsequent light, white interconnecting spaces have been serenely improved by the exact choice of furniture, bespoke floor coverings, objet d’art, books and work of art.


Furniture from unbelievable, mid-twentieth Century Scandinavian fashioners, for example, Hans Wegner, Henning Poulsen, Bruno Mathsson and Finn Juhl has been sourced fundamentally by neighborhood experts, Jean Claude Jacquemart, Fabriek NL and Diito. To take the utilitarian and tasteful measurement encourage, the inside is upgraded with a fine determination of Scandinavian outline components from Georg Jensen, Iittala and VIPP each with its common capacity all through the house. The architects, for example, Alvar Aalto, Kaj Franck, and Henning Koppel all speaks to distinctive features of Scandinavian outline taking care of business where style and usefulness meet to convey enduring configuration.

Tenbosch-House-06 Tenbosch-House-09-1 Tenbosch-House-09-2 Tenbosch-House-09 Tenbosch-House-10 Tenbosch-House-11 Tenbosch-House-12 Tenbosch-House-13 Tenbosch-House-14 Tenbosch-House-15-1 Tenbosch-House-15-2 Tenbosch-House-15 Tenbosch-House-19-1 Tenbosch-House-19 Tenbosch-House-20 Tenbosch-House-21

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