5 Design Ideas to Get More Out of Your New Apartment or Condo

5 Design Ideas to Get More Out of Your New Apartment or Condo

Getting onto the property market is no easy task, and many first-time home buyers are choosing to start by buying an apartment. It’s a great opportunity to build equity and save more, even if you plan to upgrade to a bigger property further down the line. The important thing is that you’re at least on the ladder. These five design ideas can help you to get more out of your new apartment or condo.

However, if you’re looking for an apartment for sale in Ottawa, you may be running into some common issues, such as a lack of space, low light, patios that leave something to be desired, or open plans that are tricky to design for.

1. Get More Space: Modular Storage

Space can come at a premium when you buy a condo apartment, but modular storage can save the day. Modular storage allows you to fit your storage solution to the space, and there are even custom solutions that you can use to fit your specific space, such as storage units that can fit a sloped ceiling.

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2. Blend Indoor/Outdoor Space

One of the disadvantages of living in a mid- or high-rise is that you can often feel cooped up on beautiful summer days. If you have a private balcony or outdoor space, one way you can make it more appealing is by blending indoor/outdoor space.

You can create this effect by installing glazed windows or doors, as well as putting indoor plants around the entrance and using outdoor plants to add some greenery and intimacy to your balcony.

3. Create Zones Out of Open Plan Apartments

The open plan is a popular feature in many condos and apartments, especially smaller units where too many walls and divisions can make an area feel cramped. Open plans are great for apartment living, but they demand a skillful hand when it comes to design.

You want to create the impression that the open space feels zoned and purposeful. There are several ways to create this impression:

  • Use color and pattern to create a feeling of flow and visual consistency.
  • Use the same flooring throughout the apartment, but employ area rugs to unite color schemes and define different spaces.
  • Use furniture to define areas. For example, you can use a combination of a sofa backed with a console table to create a dividing line between the kitchen and the living room.

4. Modern Industrial: Emphasizing Loft-Style Features

If your apartment features loft-style elements like exposed brick, high ceilings, worn floorboards, and beams, you want to tailor your interior design to highlight those features.

Décor that complements modern industrial strikes a balance between comfort and style. Soft fabrics, lots of cushions, and rugs can add an element of softness and coziness, while lighting fixtures, chairs, and bookshelves that lean into fiberglass, metal, and other industrial materials enhance the loft’s structural features.

5. Use Color to Combat Low-Light Apartments

Sometimes you have to make compromises on your first purchase, and natural light can sometimes come at a premium. Color choices can help you banish the gloom from your home. Choose colors like blush, white, and silver-grey to keep interiors feeling light and airy.

With these design tips, you can turn your new condo apartment into a home.

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