New York Style Loft in Downtown Barcelona by Shoot 115

New York Style Loft in Downtown Barcelona by Shoot 115

Location: Barcelona, Spain
Area: 1,829 sqft
Photo courtesy: Jordi Miralles

A former carpet warehouse recovers splendor after a reform that respects its roots, combining industrial and pieces with a lot of history with new custom-made.


This loft of 170 m2 is located in a building built in Barcelona over a century ago, which was previously textile workshop. This space has kept most of the original structures and attractive unified, painting them white: wrought iron columns to ceiling originally black-and-run lengthwise environment, wooden beams, cut by a steel rail and the 4 meters mark open architecture.


Natural light, one of the key points of this house comes from large windows, mostly original, ensuring that all day.

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