ION Luxury Adventure Hotel

ION Luxury Adventure Hotel

Location: Nesjavellir, Iceland
Photo courtesy: ION Luxury Adventure Hotel

Less than an hour’s drive from the cultural landmarks of Reykjavik and set against a backdrop of majestic mountainous lava fields, ION promises to provide an unforgettable experience- tailored to fit your travel aspirations. Whether guests are seeking a quiet, soulful soak under the Northern Lights, a challenging trek across an ancient glacier or a day of fly-fishing world renowned, plentiful icy rivers – at ION, they are only a wish away.


The hotel’s location relative to the “Golden Circle” route makes ION the perfect base from which to explore Iceland’s rich heritage, diverse flora and fauna, and opportunities for extreme adventure. Adjacent to Þingvellir National Park (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) and Thingvallavatn (the largest lake in Iceland), ION provides easy access to all the essential attractions in “the land of fire and ice”. Guests can enjoy Hengill volcanic area, Nesjavellir Geothermal Power Station, the river Öxará, Gullfoss waterfall, the hot springs area of Geysir, the Kerið crater and many other natural wonders; just to name a few.

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