Single Family Bungalow blends modern Western aesthetics with Indian taste and sensibilities by Skyward Inc

Single Family Bungalow blends modern Western aesthetics with Indian taste and sensibilities by Skyward Inc

Architects: Skyward Inc
Location: Nanded, Maharastra, India
Year: 2015
Area: 5,500 sqft / 511 sqm
Photo courtesy: Skyward Inc

This house in Nanded, Maharashtra ,intended for a wealthy Doctor family by Ar sehool kapashi plan accomplice skywardinc draftsmen, mixes present day Western style with Indian taste and sensibilities. The family had asked for a cutting edge home that would encourage a contemporary way of life whilst empowering their recognition of the conventional estimations of Vastu, a customary Hindu arrangement of structural planning and outline in view of directional arrangements.


The spaces in this family home were created like a piece of clothing, woven around the requirements and yearnings of its tenants. The home sought to be profoundly established, associated with the encompassing environment.


Skywards thought was to develop the house as a solitary solid structure. The woven steel support and crude timber formwork into which the solid was thrown have engraved the procedure of building into its surfaces, with tough lines in the solid and indications of steel fortification in the roofs. As the early morning sun throws shadows over the textured level wooden groups , the memory of the development process itself denote the progression of time and helps the family to remember the exertion, yearning, and acknowledgment of their fantasy.


The spaces inside and around the house were intended for every relative to make the most of their own security and collective with nature, and in addition spaces where they could genuinely meet up in the creation and continuation of family customs around suppers, welcome, and homecomings. The house is explained around a square geometry in arrangement, yet the spatial course of action inside of this clear system is a mind boggling transaction of huge and profound spaces and associations that extend over the length of the house in different bearings. These stretched rooms draw the eye crosswise over them, on occasion identifying with the perspectives of the patio nursery, crosswise over developed windows that skirt the horizon and skyline or to center the overstated points of view on select components inside of a room. These visual associations inside of the rooms and in addition from space to space be it the enlivening metal work at the passage , or the metal flame broil at the patio level or the wooden trellis between the expert quaint little inn sit out unite the tenants and make them mindful of one another’s developments inside of the house and in addition firmly interface the house to its encompassing surroundings.


The living and lounge areas are associated in one constant space with a focal open bay window for characteristic light to pour in . Along the length of the bay window , a low sound window sill cast into the folds of the divider and a long flat window opening give a cozy and direct association with the scene, and also easygoing seating that can serenely oblige one or numerous individuals. Likewise, the far reaching kitchen island that stretches out over the tall and excellent kitchen runs parallel to an expansive perspective of the back greenhouse and makes the kitchen a brilliant and wonderful room that is the same amount of a social space as a working region.


With this design dialect of profound spaces and broad windows, emotional direct vistas of the greenery enclosures that encompass the house are surrounded. The perspectives to the greenery give a feeling of tranquility and reflection to the tenants and ground them to their surroundings. The climax of these perspectives happens in the secured patio that keeps running over the front façade of the top story with a solitary even opening over its facing. This expansive window takes in a stupendous and continuous perspective of the rural horizon past and is enhanced with a lavish green Landscape screen.


Despite the fact that the house was outlined as a coordinated affair of the building design, inside and scene plan, every order has its one of a kind expression and idea.



The configuration goal was to incorporate finishing into numerous parts of every day life to encourage attention to the earth and improve the feeling of prosperity through a profound association with nature.


The configuration process included broad visits to nurseries, plant cultivates and working sessions with the scene manufacturer.


The situation of plants and water elements to improve consciousness of the wind, mists sky. Each of the scene zones in the house has an immediate relationship to a space broadly utilized once a day.


The water course was put at the front limit where the sight and sound of a shimmering water divider makes a partition from the outside while drawing nearer the cool calm passage.


Living Areas with high roofs and an eye level inlet window are circled by blooming bushes along the border, the plentiful greenhouse turns into the overwhelming component of the room around evening time where lighting stresses the long leaves and the shadows make there own show.


An Edible Kitchen Garden including natural product trees and herbs was acquainted with attract out the cook to tend to, be propelled by and develop sustenance.

Single-Family-Bungalow-blends-modern-Western-aesthetics-with-Indian-taste-and-sensibilities-by-Skyward-Inc-13 Single-Family-Bungalow-blends-modern-Western-aesthetics-with-Indian-taste-and-sensibilities-by-Skyward-Inc-14 Single-Family-Bungalow-blends-modern-Western-aesthetics-with-Indian-taste-and-sensibilities-by-Skyward-Inc-15 Single-Family-Bungalow-blends-modern-Western-aesthetics-with-Indian-taste-and-sensibilities-by-Skyward-Inc-16 Single-Family-Bungalow-blends-modern-Western-aesthetics-with-Indian-taste-and-sensibilities-by-Skyward-Inc-17 Single-Family-Bungalow-blends-modern-Western-aesthetics-with-Indian-taste-and-sensibilities-by-Skyward-Inc-18 Single-Family-Bungalow-blends-modern-Western-aesthetics-with-Indian-taste-and-sensibilities-by-Skyward-Inc-19 Single-Family-Bungalow-blends-modern-Western-aesthetics-with-Indian-taste-and-sensibilities-by-Skyward-Inc-20 Single-Family-Bungalow-blends-modern-Western-aesthetics-with-Indian-taste-and-sensibilities-by-Skyward-Inc-21 Single-Family-Bungalow-blends-modern-Western-aesthetics-with-Indian-taste-and-sensibilities-by-Skyward-Inc-22 Single-Family-Bungalow-blends-modern-Western-aesthetics-with-Indian-taste-and-sensibilities-by-Skyward-Inc-23 Single-Family-Bungalow-blends-modern-Western-aesthetics-with-Indian-taste-and-sensibilities-by-Skyward-Inc-24 Single-Family-Bungalow-blends-modern-Western-aesthetics-with-Indian-taste-and-sensibilities-by-Skyward-Inc-25 Single-Family-Bungalow-blends-modern-Western-aesthetics-with-Indian-taste-and-sensibilities-by-Skyward-Inc-26 Single-Family-Bungalow-blends-modern-Western-aesthetics-with-Indian-taste-and-sensibilities-by-Skyward-Inc-27 Single-Family-Bungalow-blends-modern-Western-aesthetics-with-Indian-taste-and-sensibilities-by-Skyward-Inc-28

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