Modern Barn Extension of a Eighteenth-Century Home in Lustin by Puzzle’s Architecture

Modern Barn Extension of a Eighteenth-Century Home in Lustin by Puzzle’s Architecture

Architects: Puzzle’s architecture
Location: Profondeville, Namur, Belgium
Year: 2015
Area: 969 sqft / 90 sqm
Photo courtesy: Severin Malaud

The place of the family, implicit 1730, is situated in the valley of Lustin (Belgium) at the outskirt of a deadlock road, by a gigantic woods. The plot, a region of 3600 meters square, is unequivocally undulated. On one side of the area you have the house, and on the other side the timberland. Between them, streams a waterway. The scene is brimming with vegetation and is highlighted by grass, trees, a plantation, a vegetable greenhouse and an apiary.


Constructed with customary methods, the house is isolated in three sections : Two sections were made of stone (originating from the encompassing territory) and the third part was made of cob.


The initial two sections are the present living spaces of the family while the third part was an old stable which hadn’t been utilized any longer. The veneers have a gigantic compositional and noteworthy hobby. It turned into a part of the neighborhood patrimonial legacy in light of it’s utilization of nearby materials. The house highlights too a patio that looks over the greenery enclosure and an old bread broiler. This demonstrates to us the exercises that used to occur. The horse shelter, which is an expansion to the house, was the part we concentrated on. The customer needed to revamp and extend the volume to a free house with one room. The task just comprised of 35 meters square on the ground floor and there were just two passage’s at the time: an entryway at the front of the stable and a littler twofold entryway which offered acces to the patio nursery.


The main thought was to expand the volume in the back so we wouldn’t need to change the current veneer. The idea is truly straightforward : expel the back exterior, take after the rooftop incline and lessen the volume to it’s base. The expansion made the principle opening looking over the scene of the backwoods.


The thought was to build the surface underneath to have the capacity to put all the living regions together on the ground floor (the front room, the kitchen, the lounge area and the can) and to put the other living spaces (the room, the lavatory) above. The entire zone was composed inside of the barest least. Every one of the rooms are associated. Truly, this is only one major space, separated into littler zones. There is a relationship with twofold hight, sees, light, stairs.


The principle opening exists now on the rear. The thought was to work with this passageway in a contemporary and liberal route, without precluding the diverge from the current building. The second one is found directly under the peak, the second new openings on the peak. The measurement are made to discret on the current building. The window give on perspective for the work area and the room on the first floor. The passage of the house is on the current opening in the city. The wood entryway is simply be supplant by a windows full in glass. Like that they can get the light from the south and appreciate a space thought.


The customer picked cortex steel as material for the augmentation. It homogenize the volume since it is utilized and also a spread and as cladding. The tonality of hues are immaculate and match the current territorial stone (dark, chestnut, red). It additionally gives an immortal and contemporary feel to it.

Modern-Barn-Extension-of-a-Eighteenth-Century-Home-in-Lustin-by-Puzzle-s-Architecture-07 Modern-Barn-Extension-of-a-Eighteenth-Century-Home-in-Lustin-by-Puzzle-s-Architecture-08 Modern-Barn-Extension-of-a-Eighteenth-Century-Home-in-Lustin-by-Puzzle-s-Architecture-09 Modern-Barn-Extension-of-a-Eighteenth-Century-Home-in-Lustin-by-Puzzle-s-Architecture-10 Modern-Barn-Extension-of-a-Eighteenth-Century-Home-in-Lustin-by-Puzzle-s-Architecture-11 Modern-Barn-Extension-of-a-Eighteenth-Century-Home-in-Lustin-by-Puzzle-s-Architecture-12 Modern-Barn-Extension-of-a-Eighteenth-Century-Home-in-Lustin-by-Puzzle-s-Architecture-13 Modern-Barn-Extension-of-a-Eighteenth-Century-Home-in-Lustin-by-Puzzle-s-Architecture-14 Modern-Barn-Extension-of-a-Eighteenth-Century-Home-in-Lustin-by-Puzzle-s-Architecture-15 Modern-Barn-Extension-of-a-Eighteenth-Century-Home-in-Lustin-by-Puzzle-s-Architecture-16 Modern-Barn-Extension-of-a-Eighteenth-Century-Home-in-Lustin-by-Puzzle-s-Architecture-17 Modern-Barn-Extension-of-a-Eighteenth-Century-Home-in-Lustin-by-Puzzle-s-Architecture-18 Modern-Barn-Extension-of-a-Eighteenth-Century-Home-in-Lustin-by-Puzzle-s-Architecture-19

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