VR Architects design their own stylish office in Igoumenitsa, Greece

VR Architects design their own stylish office in Igoumenitsa, Greece

Architects: VR Architects
Location: Igoumenitsa, Greece
Year: 2015
Area: 538 sqft / 50 sqm
Photo courtesy: VR Architects

VR Studio is the engineering office of our organization VR ARCHITECTS. The studio is situated in Igoumenitsa, Greece and the general size of the space is 50m2 (538ft2).


The workplace, sitting above an all encompassing perspective of the Ionian Sea on account of the stature of the windows which give normal light, was effortlessly separated in four territories: kitchen, lavatory, a parlor region and two workplaces.


The thought was to make a sleek, warm and rich inside; an office that feels like home.


While outlining the studio, the decision and the mix of the hues and materials, for example, glass, cowhide, steel, marble, and different sorts of wood, the aim was to make a refined range as well as to move the customers.


Everything is outlined and made to gauge.


The floor is secured with 1000*1000*3,5mm tiles (3.28ft*3.28ft*0.14in), the divider and the entryway with oak wood, and a foot stool made of steel corten finishes the couch region. The sliding glass board, joining one of the workplaces with the parlor territory, gives an open space and a warm feeling to the entire studio, and additionally extra light and view to the ocean.

VR-Architects-design-their-own-stylish-office-in-Igoumenitsa-Greece-06 VR-Architects-design-their-own-stylish-office-in-Igoumenitsa-Greece-07 VR-Architects-design-their-own-stylish-office-in-Igoumenitsa-Greece-08 VR-Architects-design-their-own-stylish-office-in-Igoumenitsa-Greece-09 VR-Architects-design-their-own-stylish-office-in-Igoumenitsa-Greece-10 VR-Architects-design-their-own-stylish-office-in-Igoumenitsa-Greece-11 VR-Architects-design-their-own-stylish-office-in-Igoumenitsa-Greece-12


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