Stealth Eco-Friendly Home on the Sunshine Coast by Teeland Architects

Stealth Eco-Friendly Home on the Sunshine Coast by Teeland Architects

Architects: Teeland Architects
Location: Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Jared Fowler

Our clients obtained a magnificent property in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. The area was arranged high up on an edge with undulating rainforest, rivers and waterfalls. The property confronted east with all encompassing perspectives out to the pacific sea. Our customers had a solid gratefulness for the normal excellence of their property and had an arrangement to recover ranges that had been beforehand cleared and make a progression of nature strolling trails around the property. It was clear that they felt a solid association with the area. Their brief was for a house for themselves, additionally a spot where their adult kids and family could come and sit tight. We were fascinated with the magnificence of the property and needed to plan a house that complimented the regular scene as well as would be come some portion of it and give the proprietors a cozy association with their encompassing surroundings.


One of the difficulties was to arrange a configuration that empowered the house to have sees towards the sea toward the east, and additionally boosting the north-bound glass to catch winter sun and north perspectives to the squeak and rainforest. The other thought was the raised site with perspectives to the coast implies that you are presented to the common winds falling off the sea. Our answer was a remarkable arrangement setup that collapsed around a secured north east-bound deck with perspectives into the rainforest in the closer view and all encompassing sea sees out there.


People in general territories of the house, for example, the kitchen, feasting, living and captivating open up towards the deck and pool with sea sees past. The rooms and bathrooms are more private with cozy perspectives once more into the rainforest and stream toward the north.


The other test was this territory of the hinterland had high land slip risk potential. The zone of stable area was restricted for us to site the house. At the front of the house the area falls away steeply. As opposed to having a progression of long posts to bolster the building, our methodology was to cantilever out the front of the house with a steel structure that secured again into stable rock. This had the superb impact of the house seeming to glide over the scene. From that point the building was intended to take after the line of the regular geology. The dividers and top of the building fold with the ground so the building peruses as an expansion of the scene.


We outlined the dividers and rooftop to be dominatingly a dim shading. This permits the building to mix into the woods. The proprietors are eager plant specialists, and their recovery of the site will add to the mix of scene and building after some time.


The house is planned as a stand alone natural eco-framework. Every one of the structures vitality is gathered nearby utilizing heavenly bodies and water tanks. All the waste water is reused nearby by a natural framework and utilized for shrubbery recovery watering system.

Stealth-Eco-Friendly-Home-on-the-Sunshine-Coast-by-Teeland-Architects-06 Stealth-Eco-Friendly-Home-on-the-Sunshine-Coast-by-Teeland-Architects-07 Stealth-Eco-Friendly-Home-on-the-Sunshine-Coast-by-Teeland-Architects-08 Stealth-Eco-Friendly-Home-on-the-Sunshine-Coast-by-Teeland-Architects-09 Stealth-Eco-Friendly-Home-on-the-Sunshine-Coast-by-Teeland-Architects-10 Stealth-Eco-Friendly-Home-on-the-Sunshine-Coast-by-Teeland-Architects-11 Stealth-Eco-Friendly-Home-on-the-Sunshine-Coast-by-Teeland-Architects-12 Stealth-Eco-Friendly-Home-on-the-Sunshine-Coast-by-Teeland-Architects-13 Stealth-Eco-Friendly-Home-on-the-Sunshine-Coast-by-Teeland-Architects-14 Stealth-Eco-Friendly-Home-on-the-Sunshine-Coast-by-Teeland-Architects-15 Stealth-Eco-Friendly-Home-on-the-Sunshine-Coast-by-Teeland-Architects-16 Stealth-Eco-Friendly-Home-on-the-Sunshine-Coast-by-Teeland-Architects-17 Stealth-Eco-Friendly-Home-on-the-Sunshine-Coast-by-Teeland-Architects-18

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