Mae Kao Canal House by EKAR & Full Scale Studio

Mae Kao Canal House by EKAR & Full Scale Studio

Architects: EKAR & Full Scale Studio
Location: Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Year: 2014
Area: 2,906 sqft / 270 sqm
Photo courtesy: Damrong Lee

‘Baan Rim Kao’ is a family home where the proprietor wished to open a coffeehouse and a music school inside of the same property. The site is situated alongside a fifteen meters wide Mae-Kao trench, (the sub-waterway from Mae-Ping stream of Chiang Mai, Thailand) with more than ten vast trees on the site. Roused by the encompassing trees and water, the engineer trusted that there ought to be a special approach to achieve the house. Accordingly a normal front way to the living territories was supplanted by a greenery enclosure room that leads its tenants to different spaces in the house.


The designer organized the house into two volumes to stay away from the current huge trees. By considering the patio nursery and existing trees as the fundamental center, the focal greenery enclosure room turns into the intersection garden. The long, contract section way in a flash opens up and drives one to the waterway at the back of the property from the minute they venture into the house. This play makes an immediate effect on the visual association from one end of the property through to the waterway.


By changing over a greenery enclosure into the fundamental intersection garden/yard that replaces the ordinary method for going into a house, this spot turns into the beginning stage before occupying to different rooms. The coffeehouse is put at the front of the property to be effectively available to guests. This extensive volume is likewise planned as a huge screen that isolates the proprietors’ security from the fundamental road.


From motivation of the customary group along waterways in Thailand to different rakish spaces made by uncovering and cutting perspectives towards the trench as the key methodology.


Propelled by the conventional groups arranged along waterways in Thailand, the layers of different rooftop inclines are shaped by capacity of every family unit. Therefore, the area width beside the water is typically the most brief measurement which turns into a test to augment this perspective. The engineer determines this issue by redirecting every volume from its fundamental hub and orchestrating each room in order to pick up a visual association with the water.


The café is a solitary level low ascent to permit a higher height at the trench end that expands sees. The region far from the water is for the most part kept low to permit visual protection to the living quarter which is orchestrated as a L-shape floor arrangement. The higher side of the L is found the furtherest from the water and picks up perspectives over the lower volume.


Every building volume utilizes a cutting strategy to dispose of walls that piece sees, permitting each space to see the water. Accordingly, a trapezoid with an one of a kind length to every side makes fascinating upper room spaces. This additionally frames spellbinding shadows prompting the quiet spaces of the focal yard and trench.

Mae-Kao-Canal-House-by-EKAR-&-Full-Scale-Studio-07 Mae-Kao-Canal-House-by-EKAR-&-Full-Scale-Studio-08 Mae-Kao-Canal-House-by-EKAR-&-Full-Scale-Studio-09 Mae-Kao-Canal-House-by-EKAR-&-Full-Scale-Studio-10 Mae-Kao-Canal-House-by-EKAR-&-Full-Scale-Studio-11 Mae-Kao-Canal-House-by-EKAR-&-Full-Scale-Studio-12 Mae-Kao-Canal-House-by-EKAR-&-Full-Scale-Studio-13 Mae-Kao-Canal-House-by-EKAR-&-Full-Scale-Studio-14 Mae-Kao-Canal-House-by-EKAR-&-Full-Scale-Studio-15 Mae-Kao-Canal-House-by-EKAR-&-Full-Scale-Studio-16 Mae-Kao-Canal-House-by-EKAR-&-Full-Scale-Studio-17 Mae-Kao-Canal-House-by-EKAR-&-Full-Scale-Studio-18Mae-Kao-Canal-House-by-EKAR-&-Full-Scale-Studio-19 Mae-Kao-Canal-House-by-EKAR-&-Full-Scale-Studio-20 Mae-Kao-Canal-House-by-EKAR-&-Full-Scale-Studio-21 Mae-Kao-Canal-House-by-EKAR-&-Full-Scale-Studio-22 Mae-Kao-Canal-House-by-EKAR-&-Full-Scale-Studio-23 Mae-Kao-Canal-House-by-EKAR-&-Full-Scale-Studio-24 Mae-Kao-Canal-House-by-EKAR-&-Full-Scale-Studio-25 Mae-Kao-Canal-House-by-EKAR-&-Full-Scale-Studio-26 Mae-Kao-Canal-House-by-EKAR-&-Full-Scale-Studio-27

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