3M House by Destilat Architecture+Design

3M House by Destilat Architecture+Design

Architects: Destilat Architecture+Design
Location: Linz, Austria
Photos: Destilat

The woodside property, which steeply slants down to the Danube Valley, lies at the foot of the Pöstlingberg Mountain which is encompassed by woods, fields and plantations. The backwoods assurance zone and the advancement arrange just permit the building to be arranged in the north-eastern piece of the property.
3M-House-01-1The goal was to coordinate the uniqueness of the timberland edge area into the building idea, guaranteeing a synchronous detachment from the settlement while organizing the perspective over the Danube Valley and foothills of the Alps. The building’s floor arrangement is checked by the building windows and, taking after the geology, is ventured into split levels, which play with the encompassing open air space.


An uncovered solid body with hailed surface structures the focal point of the house. The split levels take into account distinctive roof statures on all floors. The yard is cut into the upper floor and lights up rooms on every one of the three levels, leaving neighbors to confront a solid, closed looking facade.


3M-House-02 3M-House-03 3M-House-04 3M-House-05 3M-House-06 3M-House-07 3M-House-08 3M-House-09 3M-House-103M-House-31 3M-House-21 3M-House-22 3M-House-23

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