Modern complex of luxury villas and apartments in the Dalmatian region

Modern complex of luxury villas and apartments in the Dalmatian region

Architects: Davor and Zoran Popovic
Location: Primošten, Croatia
Year: 2014
Photo courtesy: Mario Jelavic

“The complex with total seven luxury villas and six apartments is a unique resort of this type in Dalmatian region. The architects have devoted particular attention to the position of the complex, which at the same time gives exclusivity to each individual unit thereof, however does not separate them from one another, thus affording a unique and unobstructed view from each of it.


Green roofs on each of the villas create the impression of a garden for the villa behind it. The villas are adapted to the topography- partly dug into the terrain with a green atrium at the rear of the villa, they intertwine modern architecture and Mediterranean ambience in a unique manner.


The project won first prize in the 2014 edition of the Ceramics & Design competition. The jury concluded: ‘The project is important in terms of its scale and its interaction with the extraordinary natural surroundings. It is an example of great cultural value in its approach to the theme of ‘nature and artifice’, which is essential when carrying out projects in locations of this kind.”

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