Nirau House by PAUL CREMOUX studio

Nirau House by PAUL CREMOUX studio

Architects: PAUL CREMOUX studio
Location: Ciudad de México, Mexico
Year: 2015
Area: 1,937 sqft / 180 sqm
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The venture predicts the chance to utilize reinterpretation as a steady inventive apparatus. By impersonating introduction technique and an extremely straightforward utilitarian outline, the new development relinks to the idea of history and acclimated living conduct designs. Open space permit direct daylight to enter from the south side, east and west side are balance internal plot, so just north side is at property line. The thought is to travel from a 2,754 sq.ft. Old development to a 1,937 sq.ft. one, essentially same project, generally distinctive space quality experience.


Climate examination assist us with deciding different key components: Mexico City atmosphere plays a critical move, following 70% of the days for each year can be utilized for open air living. The primary living-eating zone can be totally open into the deck patio making the generally little indoor space bigger. The deck floor change itself into the façade, this is the yard rise that for the most part will be appreciate at all times.


All downpour water is grabbed by the rooftop and primary patio, then passes through two principle carbon enacted channels, and gets to be drinking water, so there is no water reliance from the lattice. By utilizing our execution base configuration system, we imagine an upkeep expense of $15usd every month (power utilization and common gas contained). We worked with Green Building Studio and Sefaira measurements to accomplished vitality funds and 2030 test (yet to be execution demonstrated)

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