Pavilny minimalist house by YCL Studio

Pavilny minimalist house by YCL Studio

Architects: YCL Studio
Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
Year: 2015
Area: 1,260 sqft / 117 sqm
Photo courtesy: Andrius Stepankevičius

On the edges of Vilnius, in 117 sq.m. (1,260 sq.ft.) semi-withdrew house a youthful family without a pet has recently settled down. Just by going into the house a sentiment an open and uncluttered inside goes to our psyches and hearts. Ranges of the first floor are associated with pleasuring surface stone tiles while private dozing zones on the second floor are secured with the warm oak parquet.


Floors of the house are associated with the plastically demonstrated solid stairs and the initial steps make you question on the off chance that it is genuine. Levitating so as to eat zone improved table welcomes all the family and their companions for the supper. Sunlight fills the house as uninvited, yet lovely visitor.

Pavilny-minimalist-apartment-by-YCL-Studio-02 Pavilny-minimalist-apartment-by-YCL-Studio-03 Pavilny-minimalist-apartment-by-YCL-Studio-04 Pavilny-minimalist-apartment-by-YCL-Studio-05 Pavilny-minimalist-apartment-by-YCL-Studio-06 Pavilny-minimalist-apartment-by-YCL-Studio-07 Pavilny-minimalist-apartment-by-YCL-Studio-08 Pavilny-minimalist-apartment-by-YCL-Studio-09 Pavilny-minimalist-apartment-by-YCL-Studio-10 Pavilny-minimalist-apartment-by-YCL-Studio-11 Pavilny-minimalist-apartment-by-YCL-Studio-12

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