Miermana Villa by NOMENA

Miermana Villa by NOMENA

Architects: NOMENA
Location: Chorrillos, Lima, Peru
Year: 2014
Area: 550 sqm
Photo courtesy: Gonzalo Cáceres

The patio or void is characterized as a comparable space, yet without a particular capacity. This component makes it vital for the design experience. Vagueness can be reused in a project of diverse sorts. We chose to transform the patio into the sorting out structure. Miermana Villa is a changeless home in suburbia of Lima.

© Gonzalo Cáceres

A few illustrations of the same typology however in diverse times and places demonstrat to us how the same thought may wind up in such distinctive results. Among them are: The Roman, which is symmetrical; the frontier, brought together and cutting edge, executed by Sert and Mies Van der Rohe.

© Gonzalo Cáceres

A square arrangement 20 meters as an afterthought abstracts from the typical lodging conditions. The project is partitioned into two straight bars (one for the folks and the other for youngsters). A connector contains every one of the administrations required for the house. This division makes strain between them, permitting the void to express both capacities, giving more noteworthy significance to what happens between the utilitarian spaces.

© Gonzalo Cáceres

The patio is set with basic lines in one heading and not with static dividers as in the antiquated typology. This permits the first level to be straightforward, lodging the most social exercises. While the second level houses the most private spaces of the home. Straightforwardness is accomplished from north to south and from east to west, broadening the limits of the inside space.

© Gonzalo Cáceres

The undertaking has 2 altogether different staircases: a quick one (which supplies the administrations vertically, with no experience, it is just practical) and a moderate one (it permits one to navigate the space and mull over the yard).

© Gonzalo Cáceres

The void in this manner turns into a huge space with no specific capacity. It might be changed by requirements of the client and the time in which it is occupied. The two suspended bars discharge the floor looking for straightforwardness.

© Gonzalo Cáceres

The volume is weightless and suspended, it gives an arrangement of light and shadow all through the house. The area sets the significance of weightlessness. Every segment contains distinctive conditions and private exercises, this is just because of the space prerequisites. The ground plane is along these lines discharged, accomplishing supreme straightforwardness.

© Gonzalo Cáceres

The staircase is situated so it partakes in the equivocal action of the yard and its north-south straightforwardness.

© Gonzalo Cáceres

We comprehend the idea of straightforwardness as the likelihood of intersection obscure components. We try to extend the utilitarian spaces. Raising the murky volumes and discharging the ground plane. The yard then turns into an equivocal space, without decided limits or particular measurements.

© Gonzalo Cáceres

In this manner, we accomplish straightforwardness from east to west and from north to south along the direct volume. Diverse spatial circumstances, porches, twofold statures and encased patios in its sides are uncovered. Regular light enters inside and the perspectives spill from inside, crossing the building.

© Gonzalo Cáceres
Second Floor Plan


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